I wasn’t sure whether to categorize this blog under Fitness or Girl Talk. It’s related to fitness, so here we go. Lately I’ve been down on myself because I haven’t been eating as well as I should have been and I haven’t been working out as hard as I normally do. I strive to not take days off from working out; I try to make sure I always do something that qualifies as physical activity. I’ve been feeling like I’m not getting the results I want. I thought that I was in a rut.

Then came Transformation Tuesday, a silly hashtag fad used on Twitter and Instagram. I saw friends posting baby pictures of themselves tagged with the “Transformation Tuesday.” I decided to make one of myself and scanned Facebook for old pictures of myself. I pasted the old picture with a picture I took that day. You can see the results over there.

I was amazed by the response of my friends: congratulations, nods of respect, everything. I came to the realization that I should be striving for progress. Sure I have goals that I want to reach, and I’m focused on reaching them in a timely manner. I can’t beat myself up week to week about not seeing the scale continuously drop. Perfection is always going to be unreachable, because it’s ever changing. But progress is very measurable and helps to self motivate us.

Girl Talk

On the topic of fitness, I wanted to discuss respect. Incidents have been surrounding me this week, and motivated me to create a rant video on YouTube.

Let me summarize.

Everyone deserves respect, regardless of appearance, gender, religion, hairstyle, height, weight, etc. You get it. No matter what the circumstances are, everyone deserves respect.

That mean girl you can’t stand deserves respect. That annoying rude guy in class who always has something to say deserves respect.

People are objectified and singled out regardless of how they look. I know plenty of smaller girls who get made fun of and are told to eat more. There are bigger girls I know who aren’t even seen as human beings simply because they’re not the same size as someone else.

Listen, ladies. We’re all meant to be different sizes, shapes, heights, and weights. There is no medium. There’s no middle ground. There’s no standard of beauty.

The sooner we all realize that we’re all beautiful, the better.

Be fierce and respect others!



Rain Is a Good Thing


Welcome to spring, ladies! The wet season is upon us, which means frizzy hair and sloshing through puddles on our way to class. When I first realized that it was going to be rainy for the next couple months, my thoughts instantly went to fashion. What shoes am I going to wear? How can I make one pair of rain boots look super cute?

After pondering over these queries for days, I finally came up with a perfect solution. For the entire spring season, I’m pretending I’m colorblind. My bright red rain boots will perk up any outfit, no matter what the color palate. As shown in the picture, this week I paired my siren sloshing machines with my favorite button down shirt. Next week I’m thinking red boots, black jeans, and a jean shirt.

The trick to rainy day fashion is to not think about it too much. Go with your gut and rock what you’ve got.


Now that we’ve conquered what to do with our outfits, let’s move on to the hair. How can we let our luscious locks breeze in the wind without looking like a wet dog when we arrive at our destination?

Buns, braids, and ponytails are your new best friend, ladies. Get creative! Braid a couple strands and tuck them into your bun. Or try a messy pony with some braids wrapped around it. Any up do is sure to get you where you need to be, looking how you want to look.

If you’re having some trouble thinking of hair do’s, check out the beauty page on Pinterest or look up tutorials on YouTube.

Be fierce and make the rainy season werk!


Audio Story Responses

My response to the three audio stories is very mixed.

The tribal story related to me the most and had the most impact on me. I am half Cheyenne and receive many of the same types of benefits as mentioned in the story. It was so shocking to hear about disenrollment. I loved how it wasn’t just the reporter saying things about the people. He actually spoke to and with the people to actually get to the true story. I noticed the music to transition through small segments and how audio from the riot was used. I responded to this story mostly with sympathy. I can’t even imagine being disenrolled, and I understand their frustration with their leaders for not doing anything to help them.

The ASMR story puzzled me at first but then intrigued me. The way she described her “head tingles” made me want to know what it was really like. I almost felt as if I was missing out on something. I thought the analogy to pornography was extremely strange, but her strategy worked. She got me to feel an emotion and emotions help readers remember stories. I felt that she didn’t give enough information about what ASMR really is. She briefly mentioned a few things and how they’re doing research on it, but not enough that I could write a definition for it. That left me unsatisfied with the story. I liked how she actually used clips of the whisperers and sometimes even whispered herself.

The I Am Curious Yellow story was pretty exciting for me to hear. I really wanted to find out what was going to happen in her expose story. I enjoyed how she acknowledged the fact that she knew she was supposed to stay out of it but kept finding herself in the story. I appreciated how she said that her motives in the story changed as she got to know the characters. I think she should’ve stayed a bit more neutral in her storytelling and that she could’ve made it a little more interesting structurally. The story itself was interesting, but she needed to amp up the enthusiasm or provide more sound clips. It was mainly her talking with the exception of hearing the couple argue and that wasn’t as exciting to listen to as the previous two stories.

I’m overall impressed with audio being used for storytelling. I thought it was one of the least important platforms that would be fairly simple to master, but I definitely see how it is more than just speaking into a microphone.

Keep Calm and Carry On


We’ve got spirit! Yes we do! We’ve got spirit! How about you?

We’re in college! We have a mascot and a team to support! Not only in athletics but in overall morale, how do you represent your school?

One of my favorite tee shirts is one of my Tech tees that simply says, “Eat, Sleep, Tech.” It’s not about how creative the logo is; it’s about my pride in my future alma mater. I wear my Tech regalia proudly. When people ask if that’s where I attend school, I hold my head high and proudly say, “Why yes it is!”

How you carry on about your school reflects back upon you. No one wants to hear that you’re going to a school you hate. And think about it. Do you really hate it? Chances are you may dislike certain aspects like the cafeteria food or your algebra teacher, but the campus as a whole is great!

Girl Talk

Along with how you portray your school, how you carry your emotions reflects upon you as well.

One of my life rules for myself is to not complain ever about having to work. I may whine about having to get up early or work super late, but I make sure to never say anything negative about the fact of working.

There are so many other people in the world that are doing all they can to get a job. How rude is it to complain about having a job? If you don’t want your job, quit: that way someone who wants to work will be able to.

As a general rule, complaining, whining, and being that little sassy pants just are not good things. No coworker, peer, student, or especially employer wants a bad attitude around. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the rest.

No matter how mad, upset, or hurt you are, do not show it. Don’t let them see your emotions. Emotions are weaknesses in the jungle. We’re the prey for all those sneaky predators out there, and we can’t show them any hint of weakness. If they smell blood, they’ll come running.

If you feel yourself about to explode, leave the room. If your eyes well up with tears, clear your throat and again, leave the situation. No one can make you feel inferior without consent.

We must conduct ourselves like ladies. If you’re upset, write in your diary about it. If there’s something you can do to fix what is upsetting you, do so. Complaining is not the diva way.

Be fierce and make your school spirit work!



junk drawerCollege

I’ve blogged before about maximizing your space in the dorm room, but I may have taken that concept a little too far. Pictured to the left is my only desk drawer jam-packed with junk. I wouldn’t say I’m a hoarder, but I definitely am a junk drawer diva.

I’ve tried to fit everything possible in that tiny little drawer. There’s about four notepads, at least five packs of sticky notes, two packages of highlighters, three packages of pens, scantrons, two pocket dictionaries and two pocket thesauruses. I would say that is more than enough school supplies, not to mention other junk.

Being organized is so important to our success as college students and as hard-working women. If we’re scattered everywhere, we can’t perform and function like we need to. My tips for organizing your desk, that I follow myself, are fairly simple.

Everything needs a place, and they need to be in their place when not in use. Leaving things out leads to junkie messes.

Try desk organizing trays. Vendors everywhere sell small trays that fit inside your drawers and compartmentalize your things. They resemble jewelry box dividers.


On the subject of drawers, we need to discuss the ultimate faux-pas: visible underwear.

Whether it be above your jeans or heaven forbid underneath: if anyone can see your drawers, we have a problem. If your pants are too tight and we can see your panty lines, we have an even bigger problem.

Ladies (and gentlemen?) the best way to get people to lose respect in you is by showing your underwear in public.

I know some of you are thinking that I shouldn’t even be talking about this since we’re all at least college age here, but alas, that is not the case. With the weather warming up and the hems getting shorter, this must be said.

Covering all the bases should go right along with modesty. No shirts too low cut, no shorts too short, no visible underwear. Need I say more?

Be fierce and make your organization skills work!


Temporarily Insane


If you’re wanting to update your look but not wanting to risk chopping off any length, try shaking it up with some color! Bright, crazy colors are definitely in. What better way to celebrate spring than with the colors of spring in your hair?

Ombre trends are definitely out. Brightly streaked hair is here to stay! Hot pinks, deep purples, and shocking blues will rock your style this spring.

Be careful with this trend. Too much will make you look crazy. Try to have it on the underneath layers of your hair. Bright colors on top can be reminiscent of scene kids. (Definitely stay away from that.) The more on the underneath of your hair it is, the thicker the sections can be.

If you want temporary fun color, try hair chalking. It washes out the next time you shower.

Most importantly, please steer clear of all over colored hair. We don’t want to look like creatures from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

0Girl Talk

Tattoos have always been the ultimate sign of creativity and rebellion. Permanent art on your skin can be classy and beautiful or tacky and ugly. If you’re considering a tattoo, keep these tips in mind.

Small, thin lines are almost guaranteed to be classy. Try to keep your design quaint and dainty, at least for your first one. You don’t want a giant mistake on your body for the rest of your life.

Try to stay away from people’s names like your boyfriend or girlfriend. Believe it or not, you might not be with them forever. This does not apply to family members. Tattoos have been used many times to commemorate a loved one.

The most important thing is placement. If you’re wanting a job in the limelight, it’s best to keep away from visible tattoos. Full arm sleeves and neck tattoos should be avoided. Tattoos are seen as unprofessional and distracting in the business world.

My last tip is to think long and hard about your design. Be completely sober and completely sound of mind when you go to get your tattoo. There’s nothing wrong with waiting a little bit to get it.

Be fierce and make your potential tattoo work!


Scarf It Down


Spring is here! Now this season is not to be confused with summer. Spring is considerably warmer than winter, but don’t jump into your short shorts just yet. Winter is notorious for snow as summer is to heat. Don’t forget what spring is known for: rain.

Sloshing through puddles in flip flops just isn’t going to cut it this year, ladies! We’ve got to be fierce, fabulous, and in accordance with the weather. I don’t recommend switching out closets in spring. I think you should have pieces from your winter and summer wardrobes. Grab your colorful blouses and bright cardigans, but save the shorts for warmer, dryer weather. Also, don’t put away your rain jackets and boots, a few long sleeved shirts, and especially your jeans.

Another fashion tip for this spring is to try adding a scarf! On warmer days, wear a thicker scarf, but for the perfect springtime weather, wear a spring scarf! They instantly add a chic flare to the simplest of outfits. My go to favorite is jeans, a white tee shirt, and a spring scarf. Throw on a light jacket and your favorite shoes, and you’re ready to go.

If you’re looking for some chic spring scarves, check out Target and Charlotte Russe. Spring scarves are usually sheer and more lightweight. Think more fashion and less warmth.

00Do It Yourself!

If you’re not wanting to purchase a spring scarf, you can make your own! We all have that specific drawer designated just for old tee shirts. Grab one, whatever color you desire, and your scissors.

First, lay out your shirt and cut the hem off the bottom. Then cut right underneath the sleeves. You should have one square tube of fabric. This will be your scarf! Lay your shirt where the uncut side is closest to you. Begin cutting strips about one inch wide and all the way to the top except an inch. Once you’ve cut all your strips, pull them tight so they will roll up.

You can add embellishment to your scarf by braiding some of your strips or by sewing on some bling! The possibilities are endless. If you need a more visual tutorial, check this out.

Be fierce and make your spring scarves work!


No Electricity Required


Keeping with the curly hair trend, I have a new tutorial to achieve that effortless look! Sigh in relief, ladies. You won’t need any products, tools, wands, or straighteners. The heat-less curl is here!

Fresh out of the shower when your hair is wet, toss your tresses lightly with a towel. Place a headband horizontally around your head and begin tucking sections of hair into your headband. Let your hair dry completely like that.

Once dry, remove the headband and shake out your hair. There you have it! A full head of curly luscious locks ready to take on the day!

If you need a more in-depth tutorial, check out Bye Bye Beehive for the Friar Tuck Method.


As collegiates, we need to constantly be developing life skills that will help us transition into the adult world. One of the most overlooked skills is the art of the small talk conversation.

Small talk is just casual conversation between friends, coworkers, and even random strangers. There’s really nothing to it!

My formula to start a small talk is your favorite greeting plus a question about their well-being. Try to avoid generic mindless questions or statements about the weather or the day of the week.

Small talk is beneficial because it shows that you’re a friendly, approachable lady. Conversating draws people towards you and is crucial to making friends.

For more tips on the small talk, check out this article.

Be fierce and make your curly hair work!


Spring Breakers


There’s only one thing collegiates look forward to more than summer vacation: spring break. Spring Break is the ultimate vacation time for college students everywhere to break out of their dorms and head for the beach. Spring Break has developed a reputation of late. Most students think the week long break is meant for drunken parties, one-night stands, and other questionable behaviors.

There is so much to do nearby, that doesn’t involve anything illegal or immoral. Even if you’re not hitting the beach, you can still have an awesome mini vacation. (Going to the beach is definitely not a bad thing! You can be around that activity and not take part in it. But if you’re looking for something else to do, this blog is for you.)

I’ve compiled a short list of activities I think would be perfect for a Spring Break. The next best thing from the beach is the zoo! There are three zoos pretty local and tons of smaller-scale drive-through zoos around. St. Louis, Missouri has a free zoo; Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma both have zoos closer to us.

A mini-road trip with your best friends is the perfect getaway for Spring Break. Buy some snacks, load up in one car, and head to Fayetteville or Rogers. Trawl the malls, waltz in the park, and just sightsee on the way there. Bonding time on the open road is a for sure stress reliever.

The last Spring Break activity is an old-fashioned sleepover like you did in middle school. Invite over your girls and just let loose! Gab about celebrities, grub out on junk food, and of course no sleepover is complete without manicures and pedicures.

Girl Talk

While you’re with your girls, there’s something important to keep in mind. Girls like to vent and go on and on about their problems sometimes. We all know that and we’ve all been the venter and the listener. Sometimes when we’re venting, we don’t want any advice or action to be taken. It’s nice to just have someone to listen to our heartaches and nod in understanding.

Lately all I’ve seen is everyone trying to give advice, even when no one has asked. I especially have noticed broadcast “advice” statuses on Facebook. My recommendation is to not advise unless someone seeks you out and asks for your personal opinion. No one appreciates the girl who thinks she’s the wise old owl. Giving out unnecessary advice makes a girl come off as motherly and obnoxious.

Let them come to you, ladies.

Be fierce and make your Spring Break work!


Sassy for Spring


The weather is warming up and it’s almost time to switch out our closets yet again, but try to keep out a few light jackets for the cool breeze of the morning!

As you transition from your warm winter clothes to the bright florals of spring, keep a few of these general fashion tips in mind.

Until about halfway through May, a general rule is to not bare too much skin. Tank tops and shorts can wait for the summer, but a tank top paired with jeans is very chic! The same goes with shorts. Pair a flowy pastel blouse with your teal shorts. (Keep the modesty rule in mind too.)

Change up your makeup routine. Try a new peach shade of blush or a bright lip. Spring is the perfect time to play up your makeup looks without adding lots of heaviness. Make your makeup look effortless; enhance your natural beauty. Also, try to skip some of the foundation; you’re fabulous without it and your skin needs to breathe!

If you’re really ready to shake the winter blues, get a haircut! Chopping off a few inches instantly brightens your look. Short locks are always in. If you’re a wild child, be daring and try a pixie cut! Your hair will spring back to life with even just an inch cut off.


Spring has sprung, and love is in the air. Ladies, before you get your flirt on, remember a few tips our mothers told us when we were younger.

If a guy wants to be with you, he’ll make it happen. Have you seen He’s Just Not That Into You? One of the main “rules” he comes up with is let the guy come to you! Just be the fabulous self you are and watch the fellas flock. Nobody appreciates a creepy Connie.

Love yourself first. You have to find your inner beauty and your worth for yourself. There’s nothing a man can give you to help solidify your confidence. (If you need a confidence boost, refer to the Letter from the Editor post.) The most important thing is that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. You do not need a man to tell you that.

Lastly, stay classy. Have high standards and don’t settle for anything less. Whether it be a simple summer fling or if you’re looking for love, keep your chin up. Don’t make exceptions for anyone, and don’t stray from your decisions. Be confident and firm with what you want and what you absolutely will not tolerate.

Be fierce and make your Springtime work!