Ladies, I truly believe that we are all in college to become a well-rounded individual. I know I have learned so much about myself and different aspects of my personality just in one year alone. I’ve spread myself out and gone to things that have opened my eyes so much.

For example, this year alone I’ve seen an illusionist, comedian, numerous movies, gone on a high ropes course, and attended a self-defense class. Who knew how diverse and tough I could be? I learned a lot about courage on the ropes course and through my self-defense class I’ve developed a stronger inner confidence.

This blog is all about making your life better in every aspect and I truly believe in going to events on campus to make your life better. All of these events are free, so why wouldn’t I go? Most of the time they include free food too!

This is me encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone. Take a leap of faith and go to that Zumba class. Jump off the ledge and go see that movie by yourself. Make friends when you get there. Join a club! It’s never too late to get involved or to just have fun!


Does anyone else get an itch to change up your hairstyle ever so often? I know I do, and when I get it, it doesn’t go away. I’ve been unhappy with my hair for a couple weeks now, and last night I grabbed my scissors and went to work! I have a couple pointers if you decide to be bold like me and take the life of your hair into your own hands.

Make sure your hair is slightly damp. If it’s too wet, it’ll look longer than normal. If it’s too dry, it might be curly and look shorter than regular.

Use a razor to thin your hair. Start out with something small, like the tips. Don’t go straight for the scissors. Make sure your hair is even!

If you’re going to cut your own bangs, DON’T! It’s a terrible, terrible idea. There’s so many tutorials on YouTube and lots of different ways to do it, but nine times out of ten, you’re going to be unhappy with the results. Do not, do not, do not cut your own bangs.

Also, the best tip I can give is to own up to your work. If it turns out horribly, head straight to your nearest barber and let them undo some of the damage. It happens to the best of us. (My mom had to salvage what was left of my hair the first time I tried to cut mine at home.)

Be fierce and make your new hair werk!



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