Fashion Choices


Double dose of fashion today, friends!

First off, I’d like to point off the importance of dressing for the occasion. We wouldn’t wear a prom dress to class, just like we wouldn’t wear booty shorts to class. Right?

There’s a perfect outfit for every occasion. Let’s do a quick review of what we should do for certain situations.

If there’s a meeting for an organization on campus, jeans and a nice shirt, not a tee shirt, should be fine. If there’s a sporting event, something outside, or you’re on the way to the gym, athletic wear is great!

I’m sure you all know this stuff. Let’s combine these ideas with the idea of modesty and then we’ll be getting somewhere!

Fashion is all about covering all the bases, while still looking fierce. (Notice I said covering.) Let’s be appropriate fashionistas. Dress with dignity and werk it!


I’m just going to be blunt here: I absolutely detest short shorts.

I think there is no fashion value in them whatsoever. I feel like I’m violating girls’ privacy when they wear them. There’s parts of their legs that should only be seen by their husbands! Shorts are so short these days that they’re practically underwear.

It’s not like they weren’t bad enough being so short, but then they’re super skin tight. Ladies, if you wear these, just know we can see all of you. All of you. Guys don’t have to leave anything up to the imagination when girls wear these shorts.

This is my plea: stop wearing them! There are plenty more length appropriate shorts that actually cover you. I understand it’s hot. We live in Arkansas. But please for the love of all get out, stop wearing them! Have some pride in yourself and cover up. You’re worth more than showing off your body.

Ban the booty shorts!

Be fierce and make your appropriate fashion werk!



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