D Fence


I know I don’t really have a health category, so I threw this one under beauty. The sun is shining constantly on us, we’re changing wardrobes, and we need to up our skincare routine. It may seem mundane, but sunscreen needs to become a daily habit.

Sunscreen is necessary for any sun exposure longer than about thirty minutes. We should be fine walking from class to class, but going to a sporting event requires some protection.

Don’t forget about protecting your eyes as well as your skin. Sunglasses are a necessity for sun protection and they’re an excellent fashion staple!

Take care of your skin and it’ll take care of you, ladies.

601755_367866749998925_1741809434_nGirl Talk

Let’s be honest. We’re all females, and biologically, men are stronger than us. Sometimes we just have to go print that thing off in the library at ten o’clock at night. We’re unprotected and vulnerable. What are we going to do if someone tries to attack us?

We’re going to put up a big ole fight! I’ve been taking a self-defense class here on campus, and I’ve learned so much! There’s absolutely no reason that any of us should ever be victims in an assault case. We’re strong, tough women who can handle ourselves in a fight!

I’ve got a few quick tips for my dear followers.

Walk with confidence. I  know I’ve said this in numerous blogs, but attackers specifically target women who they think won’t put up a fight. They seek out the girls who don’t make eye contact with strangers and have their eyes glued to the ground. Stand up straight, make eye contact, and walk with confidence. Don’t be afraid.

Be aware. This is so so so important. Know your surroundings; know your exits. Identify where others are in a room or down the street. Wherever you are, know what’s going on and who’s there. This is the most key thing to preventing an attack is foreseeing an incident and avoiding it.

Fight like a girl. If you are in an altercation, pull out all the stops. We’re not here to fight fair! If someone is trying to physically or sexually assault you, go bananas on them! Scratch their eyes out; pull their hair! Bite their arms! Do whatever it takes to get away. Your main goal is to escape, not to hurt them. Don’t worry about their feelings. Escape, run, and get help as soon as possible.

Be fierce and make your defense werk!



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