Bye Bye Ombre


Latest hair trend update: ombre is out! The fashion hairstyle of having multi-toned hair is officially last season. If you think you don’t know what ombre is, think again. Ombre is when the hair at the top of the head closest to the roots is one color and fades out to a different color at the tips.

There’s so many ways of doing this, and all should be avoided. Some choose a drastic cut from one color to the next; some only do the tips. The best way to have the ombre is a gentle fade out, how it was originally intended. I used to have my tips bleached, a crazy form of the trend.

Stylists have all sounded off, ombre is out. Time to pick a hair color and stick with it, ladies! If you’re itching to dye your hair, try something fun like colored streaks or some gentle highlights. If someone tempts you with ombre, just say no! We have to grow as fashionistas, which means knowing when to jump on the trend train and when to jump off, quickly!


Now that I’m done telling you what not to do, I’ll give you an excellent suggestion for what you could do this summer. I’ve had my fashion-spotting goggles on, and I’ve found another super cute trend for all you lovelies to try out! Take your favorite sundress or jumper, grab that fabulous chambray shirt and put them both on! Jeans shirts with a dress, who would’ve thought of it?

This outfit can be dressed up or dressed down. Adding a belt can make the look sweeter and show off some curves! Adding boots and some clunky jewelry helps to make this outfit country chic. This outfit can be rocked by all fashionistas. Scene kids can rock this with combat boots and tights. Girly girls can flaunt their stuff with a statement necklace and heels. This outfit needs to become a staple in every girl’s closet!

If you’re wanting the perfect go-to outfit this summer, grab a jean shirt and a sundress. That’s all you need!

Be fierce and make your summer style werk!



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