Imagine No Stress


We’re so close to the end of the semester. This is the last week of classes! I thought this week would coast by, easy and stress-free. That is definitely not the case! The teachers are trying to cram in everything possible at the last possible second!

I wanted to help all my little college friends release some stress this week. Follow these super easy tips to get rid of that stress and enjoy your last week of classes!

Make to-do lists and schedule in fun time. Once you know what your goals are for the day, you can help plan out when to get things done and when to have fun. Today I set my list and still made it to the campus Luau.

Take long showers or put on a calming facial mask. I try to start the day off with a long, hot shower to help me wake up and breathe some relief into my day. My sister and I also have a little cream mask that hardens after it sits on your face for a little while. It calms as it hardens which is super relaxing!

Listen to music! I’ve been in a country music kick lately and listening to it just melts away my stress. Find your favorite album or station on Pandora and jam out. Even having background music playing helps soothe the soul.

imagine dragonsEntertainment

If you’ve been itching for some new music, I’ve got the perfect solution for you! Imagine Dragons is all the rage, topping charts everywhere.

Imagine Dragons is the perfect indie sound that helps to unwind while having a beat fun enough to dance to. Their new album is officially out, and you’ve probably heard a couple of their songs already. The main song for The Host is by Imagine Dragons and they’re on numerous commercials.

You can get their album everywhere in stores. Check ’em out and let me know what you think!

Be fierce and make your last week of classes werk!



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