Sweats and Stripes


I’m pulling double duty today in the fashion department, so buckle up, friends!

First off let’s hit the main points of our foresight into summer. Pretty much once May arrives, we’re headed straight to the summer clothes. I’m using my special fashionista skills to cast foresight into the fashion future. I foresee that one of this summer’s major trends will be… stripes!

Thick, nautical stripes have been creeping their way back into fashion for the past few years. This summer they’re going to hit full blast. Expect to see navy blue and white stripes or red and white stripes. Think patriotic meets the beach.

If you’re already building up your summer wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with stripes. I personally think that frequent medium stripes look the best on everyone. The general rule is to avoid the extreme stripes of teeny tiny and large blocks. Keep it average for this one, ladies.


Switching gears almost completely, from looking chic to not looking eek!

Let’s fess up and be honest here. We’re in college; we’re all human. Sometimes we wake up and just do not want to wear pants! Jeans, slacks, or heaven forbid a skirt: we just want to be comfortable! Now we’re not crazy enough to wear our Disney pajama pants to class, but we’re certainly not putting much more effort than that.

I know we’re all about to reach for our yoga pants and hug them tightly to our chests. There’s nothing wrong with having a sweatpants day! There is something wrong with taking a whole day off from your daily beauty regime. Balance is the compromise here, friends.

If you’re going to work those sweatpants today, make sure everything else is looking fresh. Don’t skip your makeup; don’t skip trying to do something with your hair. Still put your hair together and hold your head high because you’re a tough cookie!

Be fierce and make your sweatpants werk!



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