Random “Things”


I’ve been keeping my keen little fashionista eyes peeled for hot spring trends in every way possible. This past week as I’ve been scanning thought Pinterest, I have noticed an overwhelming comeback trend: random nails.

I say comeback because the lone random nail has been around for as long as I can remember. It started with a fad that you’re supposed to paint your ring finger a different color than the rest of your nails to show that you’re in a relationship. The trend went from there. Girls began painting their pointer finger and pinky finger as randoms, and then would throw up the rock sign.

Today’s trend is more grown up. Two random fingers and three matching is the new consensus. Major combinations are a sparkly matching color with a bright pink or red random. One way to spice up your random nails is to add design to the solid colored random nails. (Think chevron and tribal.)


Part of being such a keen little diva, I notice other things other than fashion trends. Lately I’ve been noticing other people’s specific talents. How awesome is that? Everyone has that one thing that they’re absolutely superb at. For some people its musical talent like singing or playing an instrument. For others it’s being technologically handy with a camera for photography or videography, a knack for computer systems, or even creating programs for computers.

Seeing how everyone has their niche, I’ve been on the quest to find mine. At first I thought that it was maybe something fashion related, but then I looked down at my three dollar Target sneakers and quickly ruled that out. I think if any of my talent was style related, it’d be me styling other people with their clothes. I know what looks good together, but the items I need are not currently in my closet.

I still haven’t quite figured out what my “thing” is. Maybe it’s writing or public speaking or something hidden like listening: whatever it is, I hope that someone will appreciate it someday.

I say all this to encourage you lovely readers to acknowledge others’ special gifts. If you notice it, why don’t you let them know? Everyone loves compliments anyways.

Be fierce and make your “thing” werk.



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