Fashion Debriefing


This is a crucial message that needs to be heard by every woman across America: you are paying way too much for clothes!

I’m serious. I wouldn’t lie about this to y’all.

If all your clothes are straight from the mall or boutiques, you’re spending so much more than necessary!

Let me let you in on a little secret; it’s called resale shopping.

I know some of you are thinking that resale shopping is just tiny little shops full of sweaters from old ladies or dirty tee shirts. It’s not, I promise! Those jeans I’m wearing in that picture are straight from a resale shop. They cost me eight dollars and are actually Old Navy jeans. I priced jeans recently there and the cheapest I found were at least twenty.

There are subdivisions of resale shops. Places like where I got my jeans are known as consignment shops. Consignors place their clothes in the shops; when they’re sold, the consignor and owners split the profit. Ratios of how they split the profit are widely varied. The snootier the store, the less money you’re going to get as a consignor.

Other types of resale shops are either places like Goodwill where donated clothes are sold or simple resale shops run by individuals. Goodwill is my favorite because that’s where I donate my clothes and buy new ones.

Consignment shops are more for name brand clothes. That’s probably the easiest way to distinguish between them.

Resale shopping will change your life. You’ll still look chic with more money in your pocket to go places looking so fabulous.


Wanting to polish off your new found fashion? Head to the nearest cosmetic store and pick you up a lip stain. (Note: I said stain, not stick or gloss.) Lip stain is the perfect spring/summer beauty tip that will soon become part of your daily routine. Lip stains look like giant felt tip markers that add bursts of bright color to your smoocher. Peach and hot pinks are the best colors to try with.

When applying, dab small amounts onto the middle of your lip. Work from the inside to the outer edges. You can reapply throughout the day and make the color brighter or less intense as your heart desires. If you’re looking for a chicly simple finish, coat with a small amount of gloss. If you’re going for effortless beauty, coat with lip balm and be on your way!

Be fierce and make your less expensive fashion werk!



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