Team No Days Off


I mentioned in my previous blog that fitness is a lifestyle. Striving to eat better and workout daily are values that I hold dearly. Sometimes I fall off the wagon and overeat. Sometimes working out is the furthest thing from my mind. Most of the time I’m dedicated to fitness. I know that if I want my body to change, I have to change my habits.

I challenge you ladies to join Team No Days Off. Make a commitment this week to yourself, the gym, and fitness. Make your workouts a priority; schedule them into your daily routine. They’ll become second nature in no time! I go to the gym about the same time every day as if I had class in there at that time. Even in the pouring rain, I haul myself to the gym and get the blood pumping!


The more you workout, the more fun swimsuit shopping will be! Summer is right around the corner, only a few weeks away. It’s time to start saving up money and doubling up the workouts to go shopping!

My tips for swimsuit shopping this season are very simple.

First, know your body type. Not everyone is made for a bikini! I personally encourage tankinis, which are a two-piece swimsuits that covers the stomach. One pieces are great for everyone, even the smallest of smalls. Knowing your body type also means knowing what type of swimsuit is needed. String bikinis are great for slender figures to create the illusion of curves. Bandeau tops are great for smaller chests. Halter tops are best for bigger shoulders because they break up harsh lines and help to keep your posture in line too!

Secondly, mix and match swimsuit pieces! There is no rule that says we have to buy swimsuits in matching pairs. A solid colored bottom piece helps to accent an intricate top. (Also, solid bottoms are slimming!)

Just go in with an open mind and have fun!

Be fierce and take no days off!



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