Rain Is a Good Thing


Welcome to spring, ladies! The wet season is upon us, which means frizzy hair and sloshing through puddles on our way to class. When I first realized that it was going to be rainy for the next couple months, my thoughts instantly went to fashion. What shoes am I going to wear? How can I make one pair of rain boots look super cute?

After pondering over these queries for days, I finally came up with a perfect solution. For the entire spring season, I’m pretending I’m colorblind. My bright red rain boots will perk up any outfit, no matter what the color palate. As shown in the picture, this week I paired my siren sloshing machines with my favorite button down shirt. Next week I’m thinking red boots, black jeans, and a jean shirt.

The trick to rainy day fashion is to not think about it too much. Go with your gut and rock what you’ve got.


Now that we’ve conquered what to do with our outfits, let’s move on to the hair. How can we let our luscious locks breeze in the wind without looking like a wet dog when we arrive at our destination?

Buns, braids, and ponytails are your new best friend, ladies. Get creative! Braid a couple strands and tuck them into your bun. Or try a messy pony with some braids wrapped around it. Any up do is sure to get you where you need to be, looking how you want to look.

If you’re having some trouble thinking of hair do’s, check out the beauty page on Pinterest or look up tutorials on YouTube.

Be fierce and make the rainy season werk!



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