Audio Story Responses

My response to the three audio stories is very mixed.

The tribal story related to me the most and had the most impact on me. I am half Cheyenne and receive many of the same types of benefits as mentioned in the story. It was so shocking to hear about disenrollment. I loved how it wasn’t just the reporter saying things about the people. He actually spoke to and with the people to actually get to the true story. I noticed the music to transition through small segments and how audio from the riot was used. I responded to this story mostly with sympathy. I can’t even imagine being disenrolled, and I understand their frustration with their leaders for not doing anything to help them.

The ASMR story puzzled me at first but then intrigued me. The way she described her “head tingles” made me want to know what it was really like. I almost felt as if I was missing out on something. I thought the analogy to pornography was extremely strange, but her strategy worked. She got me to feel an emotion and emotions help readers remember stories. I felt that she didn’t give enough information about what ASMR really is. She briefly mentioned a few things and how they’re doing research on it, but not enough that I could write a definition for it. That left me unsatisfied with the story. I liked how she actually used clips of the whisperers and sometimes even whispered herself.

The I Am Curious Yellow story was pretty exciting for me to hear. I really wanted to find out what was going to happen in her expose story. I enjoyed how she acknowledged the fact that she knew she was supposed to stay out of it but kept finding herself in the story. I appreciated how she said that her motives in the story changed as she got to know the characters. I think she should’ve stayed a bit more neutral in her storytelling and that she could’ve made it a little more interesting structurally. The story itself was interesting, but she needed to amp up the enthusiasm or provide more sound clips. It was mainly her talking with the exception of hearing the couple argue and that wasn’t as exciting to listen to as the previous two stories.

I’m overall impressed with audio being used for storytelling. I thought it was one of the least important platforms that would be fairly simple to master, but I definitely see how it is more than just speaking into a microphone.


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