Temporarily Insane


If you’re wanting to update your look but not wanting to risk chopping off any length, try shaking it up with some color! Bright, crazy colors are definitely in. What better way to celebrate spring than with the colors of spring in your hair?

Ombre trends are definitely out. Brightly streaked hair is here to stay! Hot pinks, deep purples, and shocking blues will rock your style this spring.

Be careful with this trend. Too much will make you look crazy. Try to have it on the underneath layers of your hair. Bright colors on top can be reminiscent of scene kids. (Definitely stay away from that.) The more on the underneath of your hair it is, the thicker the sections can be.

If you want temporary fun color, try hair chalking. It washes out the next time you shower.

Most importantly, please steer clear of all over colored hair. We don’t want to look like creatures from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

0Girl Talk

Tattoos have always been the ultimate sign of creativity and rebellion. Permanent art on your skin can be classy and beautiful or tacky and ugly. If you’re considering a tattoo, keep these tips in mind.

Small, thin lines are almost guaranteed to be classy. Try to keep your design quaint and dainty, at least for your first one. You don’t want a giant mistake on your body for the rest of your life.

Try to stay away from people’s names like your boyfriend or girlfriend. Believe it or not, you might not be with them forever. This does not apply to family members. Tattoos have been used many times to commemorate a loved one.

The most important thing is placement. If you’re wanting a job in the limelight, it’s best to keep away from visible tattoos. Full arm sleeves and neck tattoos should be avoided. Tattoos are seen as unprofessional and distracting in the business world.

My last tip is to think long and hard about your design. Be completely sober and completely sound of mind when you go to get your tattoo. There’s nothing wrong with waiting a little bit to get it.

Be fierce and make your potential tattoo work!



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