Scarf It Down


Spring is here! Now this season is not to be confused with summer. Spring is considerably warmer than winter, but don’t jump into your short shorts just yet. Winter is notorious for snow as summer is to heat. Don’t forget what spring is known for: rain.

Sloshing through puddles in flip flops just isn’t going to cut it this year, ladies! We’ve got to be fierce, fabulous, and in accordance with the weather. I don’t recommend switching out closets in spring. I think you should have pieces from your winter and summer wardrobes. Grab your colorful blouses and bright cardigans, but save the shorts for warmer, dryer weather. Also, don’t put away your rain jackets and boots, a few long sleeved shirts, and especially your jeans.

Another fashion tip for this spring is to try adding a scarf! On warmer days, wear a thicker scarf, but for the perfect springtime weather, wear a spring scarf! They instantly add a chic flare to the simplest of outfits. My go to favorite is jeans, a white tee shirt, and a spring scarf. Throw on a light jacket and your favorite shoes, and you’re ready to go.

If you’re looking for some chic spring scarves, check out Target and Charlotte Russe. Spring scarves are usually sheer and more lightweight. Think more fashion and less warmth.

00Do It Yourself!

If you’re not wanting to purchase a spring scarf, you can make your own! We all have that specific drawer designated just for old tee shirts. Grab one, whatever color you desire, and your scissors.

First, lay out your shirt and cut the hem off the bottom. Then cut right underneath the sleeves. You should have one square tube of fabric. This will be your scarf! Lay your shirt where the uncut side is closest to you. Begin cutting strips about one inch wide and all the way to the top except an inch. Once you’ve cut all your strips, pull them tight so they will roll up.

You can add embellishment to your scarf by braiding some of your strips or by sewing on some bling! The possibilities are endless. If you need a more visual tutorial, check this out.

Be fierce and make your spring scarves work!



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