Keep Calm and Carry On


We’ve got spirit! Yes we do! We’ve got spirit! How about you?

We’re in college! We have a mascot and a team to support! Not only in athletics but in overall morale, how do you represent your school?

One of my favorite tee shirts is one of my Tech tees that simply says, “Eat, Sleep, Tech.” It’s not about how creative the logo is; it’s about my pride in my future alma mater. I wear my Tech regalia proudly. When people ask if that’s where I attend school, I hold my head high and proudly say, “Why yes it is!”

How you carry on about your school reflects back upon you. No one wants to hear that you’re going to a school you hate. And think about it. Do you really hate it? Chances are you may dislike certain aspects like the cafeteria food or your algebra teacher, but the campus as a whole is great!

Girl Talk

Along with how you portray your school, how you carry your emotions reflects upon you as well.

One of my life rules for myself is to not complain ever about having to work. I may whine about having to get up early or work super late, but I make sure to never say anything negative about the fact of working.

There are so many other people in the world that are doing all they can to get a job. How rude is it to complain about having a job? If you don’t want your job, quit: that way someone who wants to work will be able to.

As a general rule, complaining, whining, and being that little sassy pants just are not good things. No coworker, peer, student, or especially employer wants a bad attitude around. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the rest.

No matter how mad, upset, or hurt you are, do not show it. Don’t let them see your emotions. Emotions are weaknesses in the jungle. We’re the prey for all those sneaky predators out there, and we can’t show them any hint of weakness. If they smell blood, they’ll come running.

If you feel yourself about to explode, leave the room. If your eyes well up with tears, clear your throat and again, leave the situation. No one can make you feel inferior without consent.

We must conduct ourselves like ladies. If you’re upset, write in your diary about it. If there’s something you can do to fix what is upsetting you, do so. Complaining is not the diva way.

Be fierce and make your school spirit work!



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