No Electricity Required


Keeping with the curly hair trend, I have a new tutorial to achieve that effortless look! Sigh in relief, ladies. You won’t need any products, tools, wands, or straighteners. The heat-less curl is here!

Fresh out of the shower when your hair is wet, toss your tresses lightly with a towel. Place a headband horizontally around your head and begin tucking sections of hair into your headband. Let your hair dry completely like that.

Once dry, remove the headband and shake out your hair. There you have it! A full head of curly luscious locks ready to take on the day!

If you need a more in-depth tutorial, check out Bye Bye Beehive for the Friar Tuck Method.


As collegiates, we need to constantly be developing life skills that will help us transition into the adult world. One of the most overlooked skills is the art of the small talk conversation.

Small talk is just casual conversation between friends, coworkers, and even random strangers. There’s really nothing to it!

My formula to start a small talk is your favorite greeting plus a question about their well-being. Try to avoid generic mindless questions or statements about the weather or the day of the week.

Small talk is beneficial because it shows that you’re a friendly, approachable lady. Conversating draws people towards you and is crucial to making friends.

For more tips on the small talk, check out this article.

Be fierce and make your curly hair work!



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