junk drawerCollege

I’ve blogged before about maximizing your space in the dorm room, but I may have taken that concept a little too far. Pictured to the left is my only desk drawer jam-packed with junk. I wouldn’t say I’m a hoarder, but I definitely am a junk drawer diva.

I’ve tried to fit everything possible in that tiny little drawer. There’s about four notepads, at least five packs of sticky notes, two packages of highlighters, three packages of pens, scantrons, two pocket dictionaries and two pocket thesauruses. I would say that is more than enough school supplies, not to mention other junk.

Being organized is so important to our success as college students and as hard-working women. If we’re scattered everywhere, we can’t perform and function like we need to. My tips for organizing your desk, that I follow myself, are fairly simple.

Everything needs a place, and they need to be in their place when not in use. Leaving things out leads to junkie messes.

Try desk organizing trays. Vendors everywhere sell small trays that fit inside your drawers and compartmentalize your things. They resemble jewelry box dividers.


On the subject of drawers, we need to discuss the ultimate faux-pas: visible underwear.

Whether it be above your jeans or heaven forbid underneath: if anyone can see your drawers, we have a problem. If your pants are too tight and we can see your panty lines, we have an even bigger problem.

Ladies (and gentlemen?) the best way to get people to lose respect in you is by showing your underwear in public.

I know some of you are thinking that I shouldn’t even be talking about this since we’re all at least college age here, but alas, that is not the case. With the weather warming up and the hems getting shorter, this must be said.

Covering all the bases should go right along with modesty. No shirts too low cut, no shorts too short, no visible underwear. Need I say more?

Be fierce and make your organization skills work!



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