Spring Breakers


There’s only one thing collegiates look forward to more than summer vacation: spring break. Spring Break is the ultimate vacation time for college students everywhere to break out of their dorms and head for the beach. Spring Break has developed a reputation of late. Most students think the week long break is meant for drunken parties, one-night stands, and other questionable behaviors.

There is so much to do nearby, that doesn’t involve anything illegal or immoral. Even if you’re not hitting the beach, you can still have an awesome mini vacation. (Going to the beach is definitely not a bad thing! You can be around that activity and not take part in it. But if you’re looking for something else to do, this blog is for you.)

I’ve compiled a short list of activities I think would be perfect for a Spring Break. The next best thing from the beach is the zoo! There are three zoos pretty local and tons of smaller-scale drive-through zoos around. St. Louis, Missouri has a free zoo; Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma both have zoos closer to us.

A mini-road trip with your best friends is the perfect getaway for Spring Break. Buy some snacks, load up in one car, and head to Fayetteville or Rogers. Trawl the malls, waltz in the park, and just sightsee on the way there. Bonding time on the open road is a for sure stress reliever.

The last Spring Break activity is an old-fashioned sleepover like you did in middle school. Invite over your girls and just let loose! Gab about celebrities, grub out on junk food, and of course no sleepover is complete without manicures and pedicures.

Girl Talk

While you’re with your girls, there’s something important to keep in mind. Girls like to vent and go on and on about their problems sometimes. We all know that and we’ve all been the venter and the listener. Sometimes when we’re venting, we don’t want any advice or action to be taken. It’s nice to just have someone to listen to our heartaches and nod in understanding.

Lately all I’ve seen is everyone trying to give advice, even when no one has asked. I especially have noticed broadcast “advice” statuses on Facebook. My recommendation is to not advise unless someone seeks you out and asks for your personal opinion. No one appreciates the girl who thinks she’s the wise old owl. Giving out unnecessary advice makes a girl come off as motherly and obnoxious.

Let them come to you, ladies.

Be fierce and make your Spring Break work!



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