Sassy for Spring


The weather is warming up and it’s almost time to switch out our closets yet again, but try to keep out a few light jackets for the cool breeze of the morning!

As you transition from your warm winter clothes to the bright florals of spring, keep a few of these general fashion tips in mind.

Until about halfway through May, a general rule is to not bare too much skin. Tank tops and shorts can wait for the summer, but a tank top paired with jeans is very chic! The same goes with shorts. Pair a flowy pastel blouse with your teal shorts. (Keep the modesty rule in mind too.)

Change up your makeup routine. Try a new peach shade of blush or a bright lip. Spring is the perfect time to play up your makeup looks without adding lots of heaviness. Make your makeup look effortless; enhance your natural beauty. Also, try to skip some of the foundation; you’re fabulous without it and your skin needs to breathe!

If you’re really ready to shake the winter blues, get a haircut! Chopping off a few inches instantly brightens your look. Short locks are always in. If you’re a wild child, be daring and try a pixie cut! Your hair will spring back to life with even just an inch cut off.


Spring has sprung, and love is in the air. Ladies, before you get your flirt on, remember a few tips our mothers told us when we were younger.

If a guy wants to be with you, he’ll make it happen. Have you seen He’s Just Not That Into You? One of the main “rules” he comes up with is let the guy come to you! Just be the fabulous self you are and watch the fellas flock. Nobody appreciates a creepy Connie.

Love yourself first. You have to find your inner beauty and your worth for yourself. There’s nothing a man can give you to help solidify your confidence. (If you need a confidence boost, refer to the Letter from the Editor post.) The most important thing is that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. You do not need a man to tell you that.

Lastly, stay classy. Have high standards and don’t settle for anything less. Whether it be a simple summer fling or if you’re looking for love, keep your chin up. Don’t make exceptions for anyone, and don’t stray from your decisions. Be confident and firm with what you want and what you absolutely will not tolerate.

Be fierce and make your Springtime work!



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