Love and Waves


Specific hairstyles are great for designated occasions, but how’s a girl to stay chic on a daily basis? One of the best things that could’ve possibly happened is here, the curling wand.

Not to be mistaken with the curling iron, the curling wand is akin to the iron. Irons have a clamp, and the shaft is entirely the same circumference. Wands usually have a shaft that is larger at the base and no clamp.

Curling wands create the perfectly effortless curl. Irons usually make a tight, spiral curl, but wands make more of a wave. Wavy hair is this season’s hottest look. Waves make an outfit look put together, but not like we’re trying too hard.

Using the wand is very easy, once you get the hang of it. Multiple video tutorials are available on YouTube, but I taught myself. The main goal is to wrap sections of hair around the shaft. Many stylists recommend purchasing a heat-resistant glove for the hand that doesn’t hold the wand, so you don’t burn yourself. The trick to bigger waves is using wider sections of hair. Don’t hold them on too long, or you might burn them off!


On-campus trend alert: red skinnies are back in style! I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled as I trek across campus from class to class. I’ve noticed all the crazy cut-up jeans, crop tops, and best of all, the red jeans.

The last time red jeans were popular was when I was in 10th grade. That’s about three years ago. They were unfortunately replaced by the jegging. Red jeans back then were not nearly as fashionable as they are now.

The best way to wear red jeans nowadays is with a jean shirt. Throw on your favorite shoes and you’re good to go! If you feel daring with your red jeans, try to rock them with a studded collared shirt or skull tee.

Be fierce and make your red jeans work!



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