Story Leads


1. When most students are hanging out in their dorm rooms, Taylor Freeman is hard at work helping her fellow students. After a day full of classes, she heads straight to Doc Bryan. Taylor donates three hours of her time every week to help students struggling with their coursework.

2. Running from the front of the store to the back, Cecilia Jones is always busy. She is in charge of catering to the customers, putting out new merchandise, and trying to maintain some order in the store. Cecilia Jones could greatly benefit from more volunteers.


1. Towering people, cramped space, and the smell of college students surround all who dare to enter Baz Tech at lunchtime. Deafening chatter of starving students and cackles of collegiate comedians drown out any hope of SOS signals. Students must consider if the fried food is really worth the battle.

2. The quaint house of Gertrude Moore has remained unchanged for the past 50 years. Periwinkle blue walls surround the massive stone fireplace. Tiny wooden figurines of painted Indians line the mantle, untouched and unmoved. Instead of a flat screen television, Mrs. Moore has a massive grandfather clock that has been chiming hourly since she first moved in.


1. “Everyone can be great because anyone can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t even have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve… You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love,” said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

2. “Never before has man had such a great capacity to control his own environment, to end hunger, poverty and disease, to banish illiteracy and human misery. We have the power to make the best generation of mankind in the history of the world,” said President John F. Kennedy.


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