Fish Are Friends


What’s a girl to do when her roommate is out with her boyfriend and there are no events on campus? All your friends have mountains of homework and you’re bored out of your mind! The thing to do in this situation is buy a fish! Goldfish and betas are the most commonly chosen fish for college students.

My boyfriend and I were out garage sailing this morning and stumbled upon a fish bowl. It was only one dollar, and I couldn’t resist. We bought the bowl and headed straight to Wal-Mart to buy fish! After staring at multiple breeds, we decided on the easiest to take care of: goldfish! They were also only $0.38 per fish, so my boyfriend bought me ten!

I have no clue about taking care of fish. I’ve had a variety of pets from cats and dogs to ferrets and rats. My mom had a few oscar fish when we were growing up, and we fed them minnows! I’ve never taken care of goldfish. After I settled my new fish babies into their new aquarium, I immediately began my internet research! If you’re wanting to get some fish friends of your own, check out this site on basic goldfish care.

What to Watch

Wednesdays are notorious for being boring. They’re smack in the middle of the week and the weekend seems so far away. The best thing that could’ve possibly happened is here. Duck Dynasty is back on TV!

The Quack Pack is back! Following West Monroe’s most unlikely millionaires, Duck Dynasty is a hilarious and heartwarming show about the Robison family. The show is based at the Duck Commander warehouse in Louisiana. Brothers Willie and Jase and their crazy uncle Si get into all sorts of mischief.

If you ever need a good laugh, Duck Dynasty will not disappoint. The best part of the show? The entire family gets together at the end of every episode for a home-cooked meal by Ms. Kay and her husband Phil prays before they eat. Tune into A&E every Wednesday at 9 p.m. to laugh your head off. If you ever get behind on any episodes, check them out here.

Be fierce and make your fish friends work!



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