I’m Just a Bill

The Bill

HB 1175

This bill allows law enforcement agents to travel out of their counties, and across state lines, in their emergency vehicles for certain purposes, mainly funerals.

This bill aims to promote interstate relationships between neighboring states’ law enforcement squads.

Republican Party of Arkansas

Arkansas State Legislature

Sebastian County Senators and Representatives

Representative Terry Rice

Vote- Yea

Phone: 479-637-3100

Email: terry.rice@arkansashouse.org

Representative Eubanks

Vote- Yea

Phone: 479-438-0533

Email: Jon.Eubanks@arkansashouse.org

Representative Douglas

Vote- Yea

Phone: 479-632-2187

Email: douglasforarkansas@yahoo.com

Representative Altes

Vote- Non-voting

Phone: 479-646-8981

Email: denny.altes@arkansashouse.org

Representative Malone

Vote- Yea

Phone: 479-452-4554

Email: stephanie.malone@arkansashouse.org


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