Veggie Tales


Spring Break and summer vacation are just around the corner, and it’s time to buckle down and get down to business in the gym. It’s time for bikini boot camp! We’ve got to double our efforts, cut down on calories, and start shopping for the best deals on the cutest swimsuits.

Pretty much every health magazine and most celebrities are coming out with their own fitness plans to help us prepare for the warmer weather. Lauren Conrad’s plan has been the latest bikini boot camp I’ve seen.

While starting a new regime is a great idea, be careful. Do your research and don’t take everything at face value. Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they have any clue about fitness. Also, don’t replace your regular workouts for the boot camp programs. They’re supposed to be added in addition to your normal plans to boost your progress.

Also, focus on toning more than cardio activity. Tone your muscles will be better for swimsuit weather than just burning calories. Plus, the bigger your muscles, the faster your metabolism is.


I’ve been hearing a lot lately about vegan and vegetarian diets. Meat isn’t the best thing for our bodies and isn’t necessary for our survival. Protein is absolutely necessary but we can find that in other sources.

These vegetable diets have been common topics in health magazines for a long time now. Most magazines only talk about how dangerous they are to your health. Any new diet without research is dangerous to your health. We’re not focused on diets anyways; we’re in it for the long haul, the lifestyle change.

Vegan diets are totally attainable and will detoxify your body, but you have to be extremely careful when starting it. It’s also pretty easy to get bored with all natural food. Keep your eyes peeled for healthy, all natural recipes.

The best reason to change your diet is to get healthy, not to lose weight. Changing your diet can cleanse your body, give you more energy, and get you back to basics. God didn’t create us to digest all the synthetic chemicals we do.

If you’re not interested in the extreme dedication of vegetarianism or veganism, try to eat more foods you could grow in your backyard. When you’re at a buffet, head for the all natural, no-chemical foods. Baby steps still count as progress.

Be fierce and make your healthy food work!



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