Topics and Stories

Topic 1: Dorm Life

  1. Safety of Dormitories
    1. Video
    2. The story will be about the overall safety of dorms on the Tech campus, the safety measures in place, and how public safety enforces security on campus. I plan on interviewing the head of public safety on campus and using a video clip of the interview with him next to the emergency response towers. I will use a video so students will be able to identify the head of public safety and because the towers are hard to visualize and explain without viewing them first hand. I will also talk with a couple resident directors or the head of the Residence Hall Association about safety policies in place at Tech.
  2. Co-ed vs. Same Sex Dorms
    1. Photo
    2. The story will cover the differences and similarities between the different dorm types. I plan on documenting differences with pictures of things such as community bathrooms, suite style rooms, and single rooms. I plan on briefly discussing the common areas in co-ed dorms such as the lobbies. I will do a small poll and figure out what students think is the better choice of dormitory.
  3. Roommates
    1. Print
    2. The story will discuss ways to pick the best roommate and tips to get along with them continuously throughout the semester. I will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of choosing to live with your best friend and also about the random roommate selection. I will talk with the counseling department at student health and find out the best tips to get along with your roommate. I chose print because it will best relay the information and show the right amount of detail.
  4. Benefits of Living On-Campus
    1. Info graphic
    2. The story will state the benefits of living on campus as opposed to living at home or in an apartment. I plan on using statistics, so the info graphic will be necessary to relay that information. I will research the top reasons why living on campus is best for students and talk with university housing about their policy of incoming freshman to live on campus or at home.
  5. Resident Assistants
    1. Audio
    2. This story will cover what a resident assistant is, what their job is, and how they are chosen and trained. I will interview the resident directors of various dorms and discuss the qualities of the best resident assistants. I will also interview a resident assistant and learn what they are trained to do and how long training takes. I chose audio because I plan to use a sound bite from the resident director stating how important resident assistants are to the functioning of a dormitory.

Topic 2: Health and Fitness in College Students

  1. Freshman 15
    1. Print
    2. This story will detail the causes of gaining weight when in college and how to avoid them. I will meet with the nurse on campus and talk about her recommendations for staying healthy. I chose print because there is no action or audio necessary. Print will show the causes and ways to avoid them best.
  2. Nutrition on Campus
    1. Photo
    2. This story will show the difficulties of eating healthy on campus, how healthy foods cost more, and how to eat better nutrition on a budget. I wanted to use a photo to show the costs of a bag of potato chips compared to a cup of fruit. Seeing the two side by side will give the reader a sense of their own discovery.
  3. Effects of Sleep Habits and Stress on the Body
    1. Info graphic
    2. This story will show the effects of too little and too much sleep and stress on the body. I will interview various instructors in the Health and Wellness department and compile statistics from research that I will convert into an info graphic. The info graphic will show the information in the simplest form for better understanding.
  4. Dorm Room Workouts
    1. Video
    2. This story will show a few workouts for students to do in their dorm room. I will show how to find multiple workout videos online for free and talk with the trainers in Tech Fit about how to make your own workouts. I will show the interviews with the trainers in a video, so the workout moves will be easier to see and do.
  5. Free Health Screenings
    1. Audio
    2. This story will explain the free BMI, cholesterol, and blood pressure screenings available in the Health and Wellness Center on campus. I will interview the nurse and use the audio from that clip to explain how the process works. I chose audio because the nurse knows most about this subject and will be able to explain everything eloquently.

Topic 3: Community Outreach

  1. Reasons to Volunteer
    1. Print
    2. This story will explain the best reasons why to volunteer and the importance of it in the community. I will interview various students to see why they think volunteering is important and compile a poll. I will use the results of the poll for the story. I chose to use print because it will be a numerated list of reasons to volunteer and show the in depth impact of volunteerism in the community.
  2. The Crossing’s Impact on Russellville
    1. Video
    2. This story will show everything about The Crossing such as their location in Russellville, how they help the community, and what their goal is. I will interview the owner and videotape the interview. I will show where it’s located, what the giving wall is, and how they help the community. I chose to use a video to highlight where The Crossing is located and what the actual inside is like as well.
  3. Tech’s Monthly Service Days
    1. Audio
    2. This story will explain Tech’s community involvement and how the university encourages volunteerism. I plan on interviewing the head of civic engagement at the university and have her explain how Tech accomplishes their goals. I chose to use audio so I can use a direct quote from a representative of the university.
  4. Poverty in Russellville
    1. Info graphic
    2. This story will show the severity of poverty in Russellville by statistics and charts. I plan on talking with the Russellville city hall about what they know of the poverty and what their plans of action are. I chose to use an info graphic to make the information about poverty more appealing and seem more like usable information than just words.
  5. How to Help Your Community
    1. Photo
    2. This story will detail specific examples of activities Tech students can do to help their community. I plan on interviewing managers of local thrift stores and Goodwill stores about what they see as the biggest need in Russellville. I will photograph the activities students can do to demonstrate their simplicity. A photo will best convey how volunteering can be simple and rewarding without a lot of time and money being involved.

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