Modesty Is The Best Policy


Modest but cute


Are you counting down the days until Spring Break? I know I am! We get an entire week off of school solely dedicated to soaking up sunshine and relaxation, what a vacation! As we inch closer to the warmer weather, more and more of us are hitting the gym to get bikini ready! While we’re toning those muscles, we need to keep a huge thing in mind: modesty.

I know how hot it gets and how much fun short shorts are, but showing off your body isn’t always a good thing. How much you show is the biggest factor when it comes to modesty.

Think about how you’re portraying yourself with all that skin showing. Do you think people are thinking about your sparkling personality when you have your bra showing? Do you think they’re even going to try to get to know you with your bottom hanging out of your shorts? The answer is no.

We’re supposed to be classy and fashionable. My advice is to pair a tank top with shorts than completely cover you. Watch the length of your shorts and how low cut your tank tops are. Try to steer clear of visible bras. Just think about what you’re wearing in terms of your grandmother approving.

You can still dress with amazing style without showing so much skin. Trust me, guys do not need any help visualizing your body. Stay classy and stay covered!

Girl Talk

On subject with modesty, I wanted to talk to my younger ladies about respect. I know I’ve touched on it a few times, but how you carry yourself is how people are going to perceive you.

If you choose to deny modesty and strut around with all of your stuff hanging out, do not expect anyone to show you an ounce of respect. You can pretty much guarantee girls to roll their eyes at you and guys to pop their eyes out of their heads to ogle you.

Get attention for worthwhile things like your smarts or creativity, not your body. How you present yourself is how you can expect to be treated.

Have some pride, show off your confidence, and walk around with your head held high. You are a princess, and you deserve to be treated like one, nothing less.

Be fierce and make your modest clothing work!



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