Brownies and Burpees


Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and if you’re like me, you’re already missing all the love. Our sweethearts were extra special and made sure we felt the love. Now a couple weeks later, I’m feeling the aftermath. I want every day to be like Valentine’s Day! Every night should be date night.

My boyfriend Archie and I like to switch up our dates. We’ve been together for three years and thinking of new dates can be hard to do sometimes. Luckily, great sites like Pinterest have links to blogs solely dedicated to posting fun date ideas. They range from requiring some planning to getting a few supplies.

If you’re tired of the same old dates, try some of these fun classics. A personal favorite of Archie and I is to cook together. For our one year anniversary we cooked my favorite meal chicken alfredo. All of the ingredients are pretty cheap and it really takes no time to make it.

Baking cookies together is another date classic. Cookies are the fastest way to a man’s heart! Pinterest is full of recipes for sweet treats to try. Making them from scratch is even more fun than buying from the store. If you don’t know where to start, I recommend making these cake batter chocolate chip cookies.

Speaking of chocolate chip cookies, working out together is a great way to change the pace. A nice jog in the park or even a killer cardio session in the gym will get your heart rates pumping. The couple who sweats together stays together!


One of the biggest fitness myths out there is that women shouldn’t strength train. If anyone tells you this, laugh and walk away. Lifting weights in my opinion is better than intense cardio for getting in shape.

Bodyweight exercises are the best and easiest on the joints. Lunges, squats, and pushups are your new best friends. Toning your muscles replaces the fat with muscle as opposed to just burning fat.

Instead of being skinny and cute, why not be toned and fierce? Strong is definitely the new skinny!

Be fierce and make your muscles work!



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