Make It Count


Even though Punxsutawney Phil told us that we’d be getting an early spring, we were all covered in snowflakes this week. What’s a college girl to do on a snow day? The weather is too bad to drive home, and there’s nowhere to go in town because the roads are bad. What’s a girl to do?

(I’ve come up with some great ideas. I should’ve thought of these activities during the snow day because Tater and I were bored out of our minds. We’ll save these tips for future reference! Next snow day, refer back to this blog.)

Being cooped up in your dorm room is the perfect time for a spa day! Drag out all your nail polish, lavender bath soaps, and clay face masks. You and your roommate can take turn doing each other’s nails.

Another fun thing to do on a snow day is have a mini-fashion show. Put on your favorite outfits, go overboard with the makeup, and just have fun. We all have that one piece in our closet that we have nowhere to wear it to. Wear it on your indoor snow day adventure!


Of course, there are more academic things you could use your snow day for. If you’re behind on your notes or drowning in homework, consider this day off a work day. Be productive and get ahead on your classes. You’ll have time to have fun when there’s actually fun to be had.

Collegiates need to have amazing time management skills since we’re out on our own here. Snow days are practically designed as a lifeline for us. We have nothing better to do than work! Break out the pencil and paper, and put that snow day to work!

Be fierce and make your mini-vacation work!



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