45793_338218279630439_1856832674_nGirl Talk

Let’s face it, ladies. Deep down inside all of us is a true diva. Some of us let ours out more than others. My diva’s name is Auty. She’s pretty feisty! Your diva is your alter ego, the fiercer, realer you. Your diva is your soapbox. My diva comes out when I blog and when I tell stories. Those are pretty acceptable times to be a diva because it doesn’t hurt anyone.

When your diva comes out at inappropriate times is when we get into trouble. What happens when two divas collide? It’s about the equivalent to a nuclear explosion. Hateful Facebook statuses and resentful tweets go flying. Tempers flare and someone is bound to get their hair ripped out.

The best thing to do when another diva is getting on your nerves is to walk away. If you can’t get away fast enough then run! Run away from that crazy diva because staying will only lead to drama. Take a few minutes to collect your thoughts and return to your normal, fabulous self.

If another diva has wronged you, wait until she’s cooled down too. Then approach her in a friendly manner and talk out whatever your problems may be. There’s always a peaceful solution to be made.


We all have that one person who has the ability to get under our skin with just one look, one word, or even just by existing. In college, chances are that the moment we don’t want to see that person, they show up. No matter how big the campus is, they always happen to find us!

We can’t just turn around and walk the other way. We can’t roll our eyes in their face, or give them a dirty look and sigh in disgust. We have to face the enemy head on. As respectable ladies, we have to be cordial and professional all the time, especially in public. Your rash actions could have bigger consequences than you think.

I really love this article about ways to manage people you don’t like or don’t get along with. The only person you can change is you.

Keep your chin up, be fierce, and make it work!



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