Just one week ago Mercedes-Benz hosted yet another New York Fashion Week. The upcoming trends for this fall 2013 include bright, vibrant colors. Finally we’re getting away from those dreadful neon colors! Leather has been spotted quite a bit on the runway and is expected to be a major hit this upcoming season. Also, the classic black and white combo is here to stay!

With those key points in mind, let’s translate the crazy couture fashions into something wearable on a day-to-day basis.

Bright, vibrant colors liven up every outfit and add fun with sophistication. For a workplace setting, I do not recommend going with bright blue pants. Add your hues in less obtrusive ways by painting your nails. Some great vibrant colors to try out are royal blues, emerald greens, and bold, warm oranges.

Stay away from neon and pastel. As of now, they are out! This does not mean to throw out all those pieces, but try to use them for more of layering now, not the main focus.

I’m a big fan of leather. The chicest way to rock this trend is the classic leather jacket. Simple or studded, both are sure to make a lasting impression. If you’re feeling daring, try colored leather. Red is bold and sexy!

If you’re looking for a great place to get in on some of the upcoming trends without breaking the bank, I recommend JCPennys. They have fair prices, in-style clothes, and always have amazing clearance racks.

Dos and Don’ts

As the weather warms up and we try to transition from winter to spring, keep a few fashion tips in mind. We do live in Arkansas and the weather changes rapidly, as we all know. Do not swap out your sweatpants for flip flops just yet. Keep your warmer weather wear with you until the end of the semester.

A big fashion faux pas I’ve been seeing lately is wearing those adorable leather riding boots with a tank top. This is not a good look, ladies! I dare to say that this unfortunate combination is almost as atrocious as wearing Ugg boots with a jean skirt.

There are ways to incorporate your springtime apparel in with your current closet. Moderation is the key. A bright floral scarf will rocket you out of the winter blues. Pinks, reds, and purples are surefire ways to brighten your look.

Lastly, as a warning from the editor, don’t take the trends too far. Dos and don’ts are definite rules, but trends are mainly suggestions. These are not items to splurge on! Splurge on classic jeans, great shoes, and maybe even your swimsuit this season. Save on the trendier, more outrageous articles of clothing.

Be fierce and make your fierce new fashion work!



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