Thanks Obama

From term to term, presidents always get the blame for anything awry in the country. Rising gas prices are the latest thorn in the sides of Americans. Facebook is flooded with complaints of Mr. Obama raising gas prices and ruining our lives. Many of us accept this as fact immediately. Upon further research, Mr. President himself has nothing to do with how much we pay at the pump. Mulitple charts and statistics straight from the White House website show that prices worldwide fluctuate with the cost of oil. No offense to the President, but not even Obama could influence the cost of gas.

Furthermore, making more domestic oil has no effect on the price of oil worldwide. Oil prices are based purely on supply and demand worldwide. Upon comparing our gas prices with other countries, we actually pay less for our gas. The myth of the president setting gas prices is just another myth from the G.O.P., according to the New York Times.

Blaming the president is just another form of political mudslinging. NPR also points out how Obama said in a campaign speech how much gas prices were when President Bush was in office. Politicians themselves perpetuate the conspiracy when they make offhand comments to gain voters.

This myth will probably be around forever, but don’t buy into it. Arm yourselves with knowledge and do research before accepting anything as fact. Presidents have no more to do with gas prices than you or I do.

Be fierce and make your higher gas prices work!



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