Finishing Touches

Dos and Don’ts

Never judge a book by its cover. The age old golden rule is a nice notion in theory, but we all know that we’re judged immediately on our appearance. Clothes, hair, and accessories are all taken into account. My last post talked about how a hairstyle can complete a look. We may need to back track and focus on the actual look!

It’s more about how you wear your clothes than what you actually wear. You could rock a designer suit, but if it’s wrinkled or your shirt isn’t tucked in, the look is immediately sloppy. Appearance is everything. Think about cooking. If you went to a five star restaurant and they served your steak with a hair on top, would you want to eat it? Why waste an amazing outfit if you’re not going to polish it off?

Check out this article about what else your clothes may say about you, and take some extra time to drag out the iron! Don’t skip the finishing touches, ladies!


The long nights of studying for midterms are ahead of us. On our study breaks, we need something to cheer us up and help us keep going. Sometimes, the littlest things can boost our spirits.

After long nights of writing papers and doing homework, our desks can feel like prison cells! Lighten the mood with adorable accents in your workplace. I liven up my desk with girly trinkets to add personality from the boring wood tabletop. I keep my extra pencils and pens in a paisley cup. My tape dispenser is in a high heeled shoe with rhinestones on it. Even my lamp adds some spunk.

Whether you’re a dorm room diva or established career woman, liven up your desk! Create your own space to help the creativity flow.

If you’re wondering where I got all my cute accessories, I can’t tell you to go to one specific store. My lamp is from Goodwill. The button box was a gift. My pencil cup is from my grandma. My best suggestion would be garage sales and resale stores to get those one-of-a-kind pieces. If you want chic right away, check this out.

Be fierce and make your finishing touches work!



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