Bun Head


You’re in for a treat today! Today’s blog is a double whammy of beauty! I’ve got an amazing new hairstyle for you lovely ladies to try and I’ve got makeup tips on how to wear less and look better!

223445_333001690152098_231448199_nLet’s start with the hair! If you haven’t heard, sock buns are all the rage. They’re also known as ballerina buns. Sock buns are so fashion forward; they instantly add a style boost to even the most relaxed of outfits. These buns are all about looking chic without looking overdone.

The tutorial is pretty simple, but if you’re a visual person, check out this tutorial. What I do to create the look is pull my hair back into a ponytail wherever I want my bun to be. I personally think that buns look better high on your head.

The sock is next. Find the old, unmatched sock that lost his mate many years ago. The fuzzier the sock is, the better. Cut the toes off so you have a tube. Roll your sock tube onto itself so it looks like a fuzzy doughnut. Slide the sock over your ponytail and tuck your hair into the sock as you roll it down.

If you have any fly-a ways, pin them down. Some beauty blogs say that if you tease your ponytail before putting the sock in, it’ll add more volume. I disagree. I think that if you tease your hair it just makes the bun look ratty unless your hair is super straight. Your hair can be any type for this look!


Our next segment has been on my mind for quite some time here lately. How to look just as amazing without piling on more makeup? I personally feel more confident when I know I look good. Eyeliner and mascara give me the extra boost of ferocity I need to strut my stuff on a daily basis.

In the workplace, with guys, and out with friends, the prettiest girls are the effortless beauties. The majority of the time I believe that those ladies are wearing makeup but we just can’t tell until we get a closer look.

My tips for looking better with less are to keep the essentials and skip the extras. Mascara is always a must. For a more natural look, only apply one coat. I personally do not wear foundation, but if that’s your thing, keep on keeping on, lightly! Our last essential is blush. A light peach or pink helps brighten the complexion.

Skip the extras, ladies. Eyeliner is an expendable item. Lipstick can be crossed off the list as well. The goal is to look light and effortless, as close to natural as possible. Cherry red lips and raccoon eyes do not achieve this look.

For more tips, check out ehow.com.

Be fierce and make your fresh face work!




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