Braided Beauty


This blog is all about being better: better ladies, better friends, and better divas! As I’ve mentioned, one of the keys to success is confidence. The quickest way to get a confidence boost is to revamp your hair! (No dying or cutting necessary.) Try out a new hairstyle, ladies! I’ve got just the one for you to try.

0forblog It’s known as a braided headband. My lovely model, and best friend, Tater is modeling the new look! I first got the idea from my inspiration board, which I found the picture in one of my Seventeen magazines. Tater was then inspired and tried it out herself!

The tutorial for this ‘do is rather short but it’s much easier to understand through a video. I’ve found an amazing tutorial which you can access here.


I’ve always thought that the hairstyle completes the look. Think about it. If you’re wearing jeans and a tee shirt, would you curl your hair and add tons of hairspray? Probably not. If you’re headed to a formal event, would you pull your hair into a messy bun? I hope not..

Hairstyles can make or break an outfit. Fashion commentators are always talking about how well the outfit is pulled off by the hair. The styling of the hair should polish the outfit, not drag it down or distract. Check out this helpful article from to see visual examples.

Ladies, it’s not just about knowing what hairstyles go with what’s in your closet. Keep your eyes peeled and take cues from your more fashionable friends and celebrities too. Educate yourself in all things fashion.

Be fierce and make your hairstyle work!




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