Chin Up

PicMonkey CollageLetter from the Editor

Ladies, something I’ve been noticing while sitting in my classes this semester is that so many of us are lacking confidence! Whether it’s speaking up to answer a question or talking to the person beside you, why do so many of us choose to stay silent?

I know we all have way bigger personalities than that! I know I do for sure. I just close up into a little shell whenever I get to class. What if they think I’m weird? What if they don’t talk back to me? What if I answer a question and I’m wrong?

You know what, who cares? No one is perfect.

We’re all fabulous. None of us are exactly the same and that’s the beauty in us. If you answer a question but get it wrong, the teacher will still appreciate your effort! If you try to make small talk with your fellow student and they don’t reply, don’t take it to heart! Some people are in such a “school mode” that they can only see and hear the teacher.

We need to be confident in ourselves. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s easier to be noticed as the bubbly outgoing girl than the wallflower in the corner. Speak up and make it work!

Girl Talk

One way to convey that confidence is posture! I recently read an article on Lauren Conrad’s website. Posture is professional, and can even lead to you looking thinner. It’s a win-win situation!

If you feel yourself slouching, imagine a string coming up from the top of your head pulling you up. You can always go old school when you’re at home and walk down your hallways with books on your head. This exercise is proven to work; Miss J made the potential models do it on America’s Next Top Model.

Confidence and posture will help us go to even further lengths and lead to more success. No more slouching, ladies! Chin up, shoulders out, and strut your stuff!

Be fierce and make your newfound height work!



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