Closet Cravers

Do’s and Don’ts

Is everyone enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having? It’s January and the high today was 77 degrees! Now I know that we all wanted to shed our sweaters and run around in the warmth, but wearing cutoff jean shorts and flip flops is not okay! I saw way too many bare legs today. Ladies, a major rule of fashion is that during wintertime, no bare legs! Hello, this is why we have leggings and tights.

00maximizespace College

We’re mostly all dorm room divas anyways. We don’t have room for summer and winter clothes. During Christmas break we should’ve all switched out our closets, trading our tank tops for cardigans.

Trading out your summer and winter clothes is a great way to maximize your space. Living in a dorm room means that you’re agreeing to share a tiny space with another person. That person is not going to appreciate you hogging all the closet space with all your clothes.

Even if you’re not in a dormitory, separating your clothes by season is a surefire way to make sure you’re not a fashion faux-pas. Don’t be that girl in booty shorts in March. Also, tank tops are not okay in winter! Layer them with cardigans.

Another way to maximize your space is by hanging up scarves instead of letting them take up drawer space. Hanging shelves also help make space in your dresser.

Be fierce and make your limited closet space work!



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