Crazy Collegiates

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I honestly have no idea who thought of bringing a ton of stinky boys and prissy girls together into the same building and allowing them all to live there simultaneously, but when I find out, I have a few bones to pick with them. Everyone is so loud! Some decide to run down the hallways in heels. Some decide to play billiards at one in the morning. Some are just psycho, and they’re all driving me crazy.

I decided to do some research and figure out the best methods to adjust to dorm life. (I know some of you are wondering my newfound frustration, but I’m in a different dorm this semester than last semester.) This one is bigger.. and louder.

Upon my research, I stumbled upon this nugget of wisdom. This article calmed me down and helped me realize that everyone is just as frustrated as I am.

None of us have control over any of our roommates or neighbors, but we do have control of ourselves! We can monitor our attitudes and frustrations. I was frustrated about the noise and discovered the beauty of headphones.

My advice to fellow dorm room divas is to recognize when you’re upset and find a solution immediately. The worst thing you can do is sit with your problem, especially if it’s in your dorm. Also, don’t forget why we have resident assistants. They’re here to assist you and make it work!

Letter from the Editor

Hello, lovelies! Just a side note, the article also talks about the two friends you need to make are your roommate and your resident assistant. If you have problems with your roommate, your RA is right there to help you. Don’t be afraid to speak out or ask for help.

Be fierce!



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