Autayaya's pictures 1.24.13 385Beauty

Braids are all the rage this season; the trick is to finding new and exciting ways to rock them. One of my favorite tricks is the French braid! I recently taught myself how to do it, but if you need a little help, check out this site for a great tutorial. French braids are the new office hairstyle. Simply throw on a French braid for instant chic to any outfit!

Girl Talk

Do you ever have that moment where someone compliments your outfit but then says they have the same top at home? It’s as if they’re complimenting you but saying they could’ve pulled off the same look just as easily. It’s the girl competition again! Society pits us against each other. Magazines are full of “Who Wore It Better?” columns comparing celebrity fashions.

Fashion isn’t a competition! Fashion is an expression of our fabulous personalities.

We as women take style cues from one another. It’s not being a copycat. If someone “copies” your fashion, hairstyle, whatever… be honored! They’re looking up to you for fashion inspiration! If you’re the one copying, make sure to compliment your inspirer. She’s got it going on too!

Be fierce and make that copycat fashion work!




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