Pretty Little Liars

What to Watch

If you’re not watching Pretty Little Liars, you’re so behind on the times! ABC Family’s hit show is on it’s fourth season of suspenseful thrills. Attached to the link are episodes, so you can catch up! I’m completely obsessed with this show. There are so many back stories  and everyone interacts with everyone eventually. It’s amazing to watch everything unfold, but they never happen how you think it will! This show is full of twists and turns, surprises, and flat out shockers. This TV series is based on best-selling books by Sara Sheperd. I will be reading them once the show concludes and blogging about them, no doubt. Do yourself a favor and check out this amazing series! You will not be disappointed.

MOM!Girl Talk

Recently I’ve been hearing girls talk about random celebrities and about how they are their role model. That really got me thinking: what makes someone a good role model? How can someone have a role model that they’ve never met? I completely understand being inspired by celebrities, hence my inspiration board, but I don’t understand how that translates into role model. I think we as girls should look up to people with exemplary character, good morals, and a bubbly personality. How do we know if a celebrity has all or any of those things? Sure we can read the gossip magazines about their charity work, but we don’t see them on a daily or weekly basis. Most of the time, we’ve never met them at all. I think celebrity role models can be detrimental to us as women.We need realistic, nearby individuals to look up to.

We can take inspiration from celebrities and how they got to where they are, but I think the greater focus should be on all the incredible individuals surrounding us daily. My personal role model in my life is my mother. (That’s her in the picture over there. Isn’t she gorgeous?) My mom is my role model because of her character. She doesn’t put up with any rudeness or bad behavior from me or anyone else. She always gives respect even when it’s not returned. My mother is my real life role model. I see her regularly, know her, and know what her personality is like.

I have a celebrity inspiration as well. I’ve always wanted to meet Tyra Banks; I think she is incredible. She’s a supermodel turned business woman; she graduated from Harvard! Who wouldn’t be inspired by that? Tyra Banks inspires me to be a fashion guru while working my smarty-pants. My mom, however; shows me how to respond to tricky situations, gives amazing advice, and helps me succeed. Tyra can’t do that; she isn’t even aware of my existence!

Ladies, let’s agree to label things correctly. A role model is an amazing title that has to be earned. Celebrities are not role models. Draw inspiration from them but remember to give credit where it’s due.




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