Chin Up

PicMonkey CollageLetter from the Editor

Ladies, something I’ve been noticing while sitting in my classes this semester is that so many of us are lacking confidence! Whether it’s speaking up to answer a question or talking to the person beside you, why do so many of us choose to stay silent?

I know we all have way bigger personalities than that! I know I do for sure. I just close up into a little shell whenever I get to class. What if they think I’m weird? What if they don’t talk back to me? What if I answer a question and I’m wrong?

You know what, who cares? No one is perfect.

We’re all fabulous. None of us are exactly the same and that’s the beauty in us. If you answer a question but get it wrong, the teacher will still appreciate your effort! If you try to make small talk with your fellow student and they don’t reply, don’t take it to heart! Some people are in such a “school mode” that they can only see and hear the teacher.

We need to be confident in ourselves. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s easier to be noticed as the bubbly outgoing girl than the wallflower in the corner. Speak up and make it work!

Girl Talk

One way to convey that confidence is posture! I recently read an article on Lauren Conrad’s website. Posture is professional, and can even lead to you looking thinner. It’s a win-win situation!

If you feel yourself slouching, imagine a string coming up from the top of your head pulling you up. You can always go old school when you’re at home and walk down your hallways with books on your head. This exercise is proven to work; Miss J made the potential models do it on America’s Next Top Model.

Confidence and posture will help us go to even further lengths and lead to more success. No more slouching, ladies! Chin up, shoulders out, and strut your stuff!

Be fierce and make your newfound height work!



Timing Is Everything


Happy last day of January! We’re all past the New Year’s resolutions and ready to make a real difference in our lives, right? Right! Fitness is a lifestyle, not a fad. You can’t change your life by dieting every now and then. Diets don’t work!

One famous lady has been helping me on my fitness journey. Her name is Jillian Michaels. She is the trainer on the television show The Biggest Loser. Jillian is known for being tough, but her toughness gets results!

Last year I started doing her workout program and have since lost 30 pounds. Now all that success isn’t just because I started working out. I also started running, eating less, and cut down on my snacking and Dr. Pepper drinking.

If you want your life to change, you have to change every aspect. You can’t go kill yourself in the gym every day and then come home to gorge on potato chips. You can’t eat salads for dinner and not workout.

Start today, lovelies. Start small too. You didn’t put on the weight in one day; it’s not going to come off in one day.


One way to start small is by watching what time it is when you eat your big meals.

When I still lived at home, dinner was our meal. We would all come together and feast. It brought us all together and we’d laugh as we discussed our day. Now that I’m at college, dinner is the worst meal to eat in the cafeteria. They never serve anything worthwhile to eat. I usually have a very small dinner. Lunch is the main course at the cafeteria.

Studies show that when you eat your meals has a huge impact on weight loss. Think about it, I was eating all those calories and then going to bed a couple hours later. I wasn’t giving my body a chance to burn off my dinner. If you want to splurge on your calories, do it at breakfast. You’ll have all day to walk it off or burn them up in the gym. Most people don’t get a workout in after dinner.

Make small changes and they will add up over time. Dedicate yourself and lean on me when you need encouragement. It can be done!

Be fierce and workout!



000randomactsofmodelingLetter from the Editor

I just wanted to take this time to let you all know that you’re fabulous. Life gets us all down sometimes; we all need encouragement. If you haven’t had any recently, this blog is for you. You are a fantastic human being.

Studies suggest that knowing your worth and being reminded of it daily can lead to a happier person! You can be a happier person! I have a challenge for you: every day this week when you wake up, look in the mirror and say a positive mantra out loud. If you need some help thinking of mantras, check this out.

If you know someone that needs some extra love this week, send them this blog! Also, here’s a list of reasons why I love you and why you should love yourself.

Friends, random outbursts of craziness are extremely helpful to your soul. Everyone has random outbursts, make sure you let yours out! Different people are different types of random. For my best friend Tate, her random is singing and dancing. You could be in the middle of Wal-Mart with her and she’ll start moonwalking. For me, my random is modeling. I’ll strike a pose when looking in the reflection of a car window or strut my stuff walking down the hallway.

Whatever your random is, let it out! Be fabulous. Don’t be afraid to be weird because it makes us all beautiful.

Be fierce and make your random work!


Closet Cravers

Do’s and Don’ts

Is everyone enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having? It’s January and the high today was 77 degrees! Now I know that we all wanted to shed our sweaters and run around in the warmth, but wearing cutoff jean shorts and flip flops is not okay! I saw way too many bare legs today. Ladies, a major rule of fashion is that during wintertime, no bare legs! Hello, this is why we have leggings and tights.

00maximizespace College

We’re mostly all dorm room divas anyways. We don’t have room for summer and winter clothes. During Christmas break we should’ve all switched out our closets, trading our tank tops for cardigans.

Trading out your summer and winter clothes is a great way to maximize your space. Living in a dorm room means that you’re agreeing to share a tiny space with another person. That person is not going to appreciate you hogging all the closet space with all your clothes.

Even if you’re not in a dormitory, separating your clothes by season is a surefire way to make sure you’re not a fashion faux-pas. Don’t be that girl in booty shorts in March. Also, tank tops are not okay in winter! Layer them with cardigans.

Another way to maximize your space is by hanging up scarves instead of letting them take up drawer space. Hanging shelves also help make space in your dresser.

Be fierce and make your limited closet space work!


Crazy Collegiates

Autayaya's pictures 1.24.13 343College

I honestly have no idea who thought of bringing a ton of stinky boys and prissy girls together into the same building and allowing them all to live there simultaneously, but when I find out, I have a few bones to pick with them. Everyone is so loud! Some decide to run down the hallways in heels. Some decide to play billiards at one in the morning. Some are just psycho, and they’re all driving me crazy.

I decided to do some research and figure out the best methods to adjust to dorm life. (I know some of you are wondering my newfound frustration, but I’m in a different dorm this semester than last semester.) This one is bigger.. and louder.

Upon my research, I stumbled upon this nugget of wisdom. This article calmed me down and helped me realize that everyone is just as frustrated as I am.

None of us have control over any of our roommates or neighbors, but we do have control of ourselves! We can monitor our attitudes and frustrations. I was frustrated about the noise and discovered the beauty of headphones.

My advice to fellow dorm room divas is to recognize when you’re upset and find a solution immediately. The worst thing you can do is sit with your problem, especially if it’s in your dorm. Also, don’t forget why we have resident assistants. They’re here to assist you and make it work!

Letter from the Editor

Hello, lovelies! Just a side note, the article also talks about the two friends you need to make are your roommate and your resident assistant. If you have problems with your roommate, your RA is right there to help you. Don’t be afraid to speak out or ask for help.

Be fierce!



Autayaya's pictures 1.24.13 385Beauty

Braids are all the rage this season; the trick is to finding new and exciting ways to rock them. One of my favorite tricks is the French braid! I recently taught myself how to do it, but if you need a little help, check out this site for a great tutorial. French braids are the new office hairstyle. Simply throw on a French braid for instant chic to any outfit!

Girl Talk

Do you ever have that moment where someone compliments your outfit but then says they have the same top at home? It’s as if they’re complimenting you but saying they could’ve pulled off the same look just as easily. It’s the girl competition again! Society pits us against each other. Magazines are full of “Who Wore It Better?” columns comparing celebrity fashions.

Fashion isn’t a competition! Fashion is an expression of our fabulous personalities.

We as women take style cues from one another. It’s not being a copycat. If someone “copies” your fashion, hairstyle, whatever… be honored! They’re looking up to you for fashion inspiration! If you’re the one copying, make sure to compliment your inspirer. She’s got it going on too!

Be fierce and make that copycat fashion work!



Pretty Little Liars

What to Watch

If you’re not watching Pretty Little Liars, you’re so behind on the times! ABC Family’s hit show is on it’s fourth season of suspenseful thrills. Attached to the link are episodes, so you can catch up! I’m completely obsessed with this show. There are so many back stories  and everyone interacts with everyone eventually. It’s amazing to watch everything unfold, but they never happen how you think it will! This show is full of twists and turns, surprises, and flat out shockers. This TV series is based on best-selling books by Sara Sheperd. I will be reading them once the show concludes and blogging about them, no doubt. Do yourself a favor and check out this amazing series! You will not be disappointed.

MOM!Girl Talk

Recently I’ve been hearing girls talk about random celebrities and about how they are their role model. That really got me thinking: what makes someone a good role model? How can someone have a role model that they’ve never met? I completely understand being inspired by celebrities, hence my inspiration board, but I don’t understand how that translates into role model. I think we as girls should look up to people with exemplary character, good morals, and a bubbly personality. How do we know if a celebrity has all or any of those things? Sure we can read the gossip magazines about their charity work, but we don’t see them on a daily or weekly basis. Most of the time, we’ve never met them at all. I think celebrity role models can be detrimental to us as women.We need realistic, nearby individuals to look up to.

We can take inspiration from celebrities and how they got to where they are, but I think the greater focus should be on all the incredible individuals surrounding us daily. My personal role model in my life is my mother. (That’s her in the picture over there. Isn’t she gorgeous?) My mom is my role model because of her character. She doesn’t put up with any rudeness or bad behavior from me or anyone else. She always gives respect even when it’s not returned. My mother is my real life role model. I see her regularly, know her, and know what her personality is like.

I have a celebrity inspiration as well. I’ve always wanted to meet Tyra Banks; I think she is incredible. She’s a supermodel turned business woman; she graduated from Harvard! Who wouldn’t be inspired by that? Tyra Banks inspires me to be a fashion guru while working my smarty-pants. My mom, however; shows me how to respond to tricky situations, gives amazing advice, and helps me succeed. Tyra can’t do that; she isn’t even aware of my existence!

Ladies, let’s agree to label things correctly. A role model is an amazing title that has to be earned. Celebrities are not role models. Draw inspiration from them but remember to give credit where it’s due.



Mean Girls

Girl Talk

“How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by Regina George?” Mean Girls is probably the most quoted movie of this generation, but teens are taking more than quotes from the film. It seems that every time I turn around I hear girls trash talk other girls behind their backs. This is unacceptable! We’re supposed to be united as females. Life is not a competition. If girls were more focused on gaining friends everywhere they went instead of competing, college would be a better experience for all of us. What is the goal of competition: a prize? What prize is to be won by staring down other girls in the room? I guarantee Bob Barker is not going to jump out and announce you’ve won a new car just because you have nicer shoes on.

00000000000Do It Yourself!

Instead of focusing on being better than the other girls in the room, we can focus on being the best possible versions of ourselves. Being inspired is a key factor in being fierce. I crafted an inspiration board from cutouts of magazines. All you have to do is cut out pictures from your favorite magazine, place them on poster board, and hang them on your wall. Voila! Also, since most of us are dorm room divas, placing the cutouts onto poster board makes them easier to transport!

Ladies, let’s all agree to focus on being fierce and appreciating one another’s fierceness. Make it work!




Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Fiercely Auty! I’m Auty as you may have guessed. 0000000000(That’s me in the picture over there.)

This blog is like an online magazine only in blog form. All content will be generated by me and the things that inspire me. I will be posting at least three times a week, so be sure to check in regularly!

The aim of this blog is to entertain, inspire, and make your life better in every way! There will be categories that I’ll choose from for every post. Every post will have at least two categories. The categories I have so far are Beauty, Health and Fitness, College, Celeb, Human Interest, Love, Do’s and Don’ts, Fashion, and Letters from the Editor such as this one! Each post will have links to websites and other tutorials that I could not include in that day’s post. Fiercely Auty is all about being the best possible you that you can be.

Fiercely Auty draws inspiration from my favorite print magazine, Seventeen, and from the best website ever, Pinterest.

I hope this blog is a blessing to all who view it! Remember to be fierce and make it work!