Fashion Choices


Double dose of fashion today, friends!

First off, I’d like to point off the importance of dressing for the occasion. We wouldn’t wear a prom dress to class, just like we wouldn’t wear booty shorts to class. Right?

There’s a perfect outfit for every occasion. Let’s do a quick review of what we should do for certain situations.

If there’s a meeting for an organization on campus, jeans and a nice shirt, not a tee shirt, should be fine. If there’s a sporting event, something outside, or you’re on the way to the gym, athletic wear is great!

I’m sure you all know this stuff. Let’s combine these ideas with the idea of modesty and then we’ll be getting somewhere!

Fashion is all about covering all the bases, while still looking fierce. (Notice I said covering.) Let’s be appropriate fashionistas. Dress with dignity and werk it!


I’m just going to be blunt here: I absolutely detest short shorts.

I think there is no fashion value in them whatsoever. I feel like I’m violating girls’ privacy when they wear them. There’s parts of their legs that should only be seen by their husbands! Shorts are so short these days that they’re practically underwear.

It’s not like they weren’t bad enough being so short, but then they’re super skin tight. Ladies, if you wear these, just know we can see all of you. All of you. Guys don’t have to leave anything up to the imagination when girls wear these shorts.

This is my plea: stop wearing them! There are plenty more length appropriate shorts that actually cover you. I understand it’s hot. We live in Arkansas. But please for the love of all get out, stop wearing them! Have some pride in yourself and cover up. You’re worth more than showing off your body.

Ban the booty shorts!

Be fierce and make your appropriate fashion werk!



D Fence


I know I don’t really have a health category, so I threw this one under beauty. The sun is shining constantly on us, we’re changing wardrobes, and we need to up our skincare routine. It may seem mundane, but sunscreen needs to become a daily habit.

Sunscreen is necessary for any sun exposure longer than about thirty minutes. We should be fine walking from class to class, but going to a sporting event requires some protection.

Don’t forget about protecting your eyes as well as your skin. Sunglasses are a necessity for sun protection and they’re an excellent fashion staple!

Take care of your skin and it’ll take care of you, ladies.

601755_367866749998925_1741809434_nGirl Talk

Let’s be honest. We’re all females, and biologically, men are stronger than us. Sometimes we just have to go print that thing off in the library at ten o’clock at night. We’re unprotected and vulnerable. What are we going to do if someone tries to attack us?

We’re going to put up a big ole fight! I’ve been taking a self-defense class here on campus, and I’ve learned so much! There’s absolutely no reason that any of us should ever be victims in an assault case. We’re strong, tough women who can handle ourselves in a fight!

I’ve got a few quick tips for my dear followers.

Walk with confidence. I  know I’ve said this in numerous blogs, but attackers specifically target women who they think won’t put up a fight. They seek out the girls who don’t make eye contact with strangers and have their eyes glued to the ground. Stand up straight, make eye contact, and walk with confidence. Don’t be afraid.

Be aware. This is so so so important. Know your surroundings; know your exits. Identify where others are in a room or down the street. Wherever you are, know what’s going on and who’s there. This is the most key thing to preventing an attack is foreseeing an incident and avoiding it.

Fight like a girl. If you are in an altercation, pull out all the stops. We’re not here to fight fair! If someone is trying to physically or sexually assault you, go bananas on them! Scratch their eyes out; pull their hair! Bite their arms! Do whatever it takes to get away. Your main goal is to escape, not to hurt them. Don’t worry about their feelings. Escape, run, and get help as soon as possible.

Be fierce and make your defense werk!




Ladies, I truly believe that we are all in college to become a well-rounded individual. I know I have learned so much about myself and different aspects of my personality just in one year alone. I’ve spread myself out and gone to things that have opened my eyes so much.

For example, this year alone I’ve seen an illusionist, comedian, numerous movies, gone on a high ropes course, and attended a self-defense class. Who knew how diverse and tough I could be? I learned a lot about courage on the ropes course and through my self-defense class I’ve developed a stronger inner confidence.

This blog is all about making your life better in every aspect and I truly believe in going to events on campus to make your life better. All of these events are free, so why wouldn’t I go? Most of the time they include free food too!

This is me encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone. Take a leap of faith and go to that Zumba class. Jump off the ledge and go see that movie by yourself. Make friends when you get there. Join a club! It’s never too late to get involved or to just have fun!


Does anyone else get an itch to change up your hairstyle ever so often? I know I do, and when I get it, it doesn’t go away. I’ve been unhappy with my hair for a couple weeks now, and last night I grabbed my scissors and went to work! I have a couple pointers if you decide to be bold like me and take the life of your hair into your own hands.

Make sure your hair is slightly damp. If it’s too wet, it’ll look longer than normal. If it’s too dry, it might be curly and look shorter than regular.

Use a razor to thin your hair. Start out with something small, like the tips. Don’t go straight for the scissors. Make sure your hair is even!

If you’re going to cut your own bangs, DON’T! It’s a terrible, terrible idea. There’s so many tutorials on YouTube and lots of different ways to do it, but nine times out of ten, you’re going to be unhappy with the results. Do not, do not, do not cut your own bangs.

Also, the best tip I can give is to own up to your work. If it turns out horribly, head straight to your nearest barber and let them undo some of the damage. It happens to the best of us. (My mom had to salvage what was left of my hair the first time I tried to cut mine at home.)

Be fierce and make your new hair werk!


Oprah Advice

Girl Talk

This is a public service announcement! Calling all ladies! I’ve noticed a horrible trend lately and it has got to stop immediately!

Last night I was watching Mean Girls, and it just hit me. Girls are so into competing with one other! All we do is compare ourselves to what other’s have and wonder why we’re not their twin. This has got to stop.

Just think of all the amazing qualities you have. And instead of using that list to elevate yourself above others, try to build a list for every girl you know. We should all be on the same team, trying to stand up for one another. Why do we try to tear each other down?

Next time you catch yourself judging another girl, cut it out! You’re awesome how you are, compared to no one. You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone because we do not base our lives off of what other people do. God made us individuals. Individually, we are strong, beautiful, and confident. You are amazing. What’s not amazing is trying to be better than everyone else.

If you don’t believe me, listen to Oprah. 


Ladies, I know it’s the end of the semester, and we’re all ready to coast right on into summertime. If you won’t listen to anything else I say, listen to this: stay focused.

This last week of classes before finals is probably the most important. Information about the final will be given, last minute information will be relayed; you need to be in class.

Take your favorite sidewalk or be bold and stomp through the grass. Whatever you do, get to class! There’s no excuse to miss. If you oversleep, get dressed as fast as possible and run to class. Better late than never.

I know a lot of teachers who are giving out last minute homework assignments, so stay on top of your school work. Remember, school is top priority. Everything else can wait two weeks.

Be fierce and make your last week of class werk!


Bye Bye Ombre


Latest hair trend update: ombre is out! The fashion hairstyle of having multi-toned hair is officially last season. If you think you don’t know what ombre is, think again. Ombre is when the hair at the top of the head closest to the roots is one color and fades out to a different color at the tips.

There’s so many ways of doing this, and all should be avoided. Some choose a drastic cut from one color to the next; some only do the tips. The best way to have the ombre is a gentle fade out, how it was originally intended. I used to have my tips bleached, a crazy form of the trend.

Stylists have all sounded off, ombre is out. Time to pick a hair color and stick with it, ladies! If you’re itching to dye your hair, try something fun like colored streaks or some gentle highlights. If someone tempts you with ombre, just say no! We have to grow as fashionistas, which means knowing when to jump on the trend train and when to jump off, quickly!


Now that I’m done telling you what not to do, I’ll give you an excellent suggestion for what you could do this summer. I’ve had my fashion-spotting goggles on, and I’ve found another super cute trend for all you lovelies to try out! Take your favorite sundress or jumper, grab that fabulous chambray shirt and put them both on! Jeans shirts with a dress, who would’ve thought of it?

This outfit can be dressed up or dressed down. Adding a belt can make the look sweeter and show off some curves! Adding boots and some clunky jewelry helps to make this outfit country chic. This outfit can be rocked by all fashionistas. Scene kids can rock this with combat boots and tights. Girly girls can flaunt their stuff with a statement necklace and heels. This outfit needs to become a staple in every girl’s closet!

If you’re wanting the perfect go-to outfit this summer, grab a jean shirt and a sundress. That’s all you need!

Be fierce and make your summer style werk!


Imagine No Stress


We’re so close to the end of the semester. This is the last week of classes! I thought this week would coast by, easy and stress-free. That is definitely not the case! The teachers are trying to cram in everything possible at the last possible second!

I wanted to help all my little college friends release some stress this week. Follow these super easy tips to get rid of that stress and enjoy your last week of classes!

Make to-do lists and schedule in fun time. Once you know what your goals are for the day, you can help plan out when to get things done and when to have fun. Today I set my list and still made it to the campus Luau.

Take long showers or put on a calming facial mask. I try to start the day off with a long, hot shower to help me wake up and breathe some relief into my day. My sister and I also have a little cream mask that hardens after it sits on your face for a little while. It calms as it hardens which is super relaxing!

Listen to music! I’ve been in a country music kick lately and listening to it just melts away my stress. Find your favorite album or station on Pandora and jam out. Even having background music playing helps soothe the soul.

imagine dragonsEntertainment

If you’ve been itching for some new music, I’ve got the perfect solution for you! Imagine Dragons is all the rage, topping charts everywhere.

Imagine Dragons is the perfect indie sound that helps to unwind while having a beat fun enough to dance to. Their new album is officially out, and you’ve probably heard a couple of their songs already. The main song for The Host is by Imagine Dragons and they’re on numerous commercials.

You can get their album everywhere in stores. Check ’em out and let me know what you think!

Be fierce and make your last week of classes werk!


Sweats and Stripes


I’m pulling double duty today in the fashion department, so buckle up, friends!

First off let’s hit the main points of our foresight into summer. Pretty much once May arrives, we’re headed straight to the summer clothes. I’m using my special fashionista skills to cast foresight into the fashion future. I foresee that one of this summer’s major trends will be… stripes!

Thick, nautical stripes have been creeping their way back into fashion for the past few years. This summer they’re going to hit full blast. Expect to see navy blue and white stripes or red and white stripes. Think patriotic meets the beach.

If you’re already building up your summer wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with stripes. I personally think that frequent medium stripes look the best on everyone. The general rule is to avoid the extreme stripes of teeny tiny and large blocks. Keep it average for this one, ladies.


Switching gears almost completely, from looking chic to not looking eek!

Let’s fess up and be honest here. We’re in college; we’re all human. Sometimes we wake up and just do not want to wear pants! Jeans, slacks, or heaven forbid a skirt: we just want to be comfortable! Now we’re not crazy enough to wear our Disney pajama pants to class, but we’re certainly not putting much more effort than that.

I know we’re all about to reach for our yoga pants and hug them tightly to our chests. There’s nothing wrong with having a sweatpants day! There is something wrong with taking a whole day off from your daily beauty regime. Balance is the compromise here, friends.

If you’re going to work those sweatpants today, make sure everything else is looking fresh. Don’t skip your makeup; don’t skip trying to do something with your hair. Still put your hair together and hold your head high because you’re a tough cookie!

Be fierce and make your sweatpants werk!


Random “Things”


I’ve been keeping my keen little fashionista eyes peeled for hot spring trends in every way possible. This past week as I’ve been scanning thought Pinterest, I have noticed an overwhelming comeback trend: random nails.

I say comeback because the lone random nail has been around for as long as I can remember. It started with a fad that you’re supposed to paint your ring finger a different color than the rest of your nails to show that you’re in a relationship. The trend went from there. Girls began painting their pointer finger and pinky finger as randoms, and then would throw up the rock sign.

Today’s trend is more grown up. Two random fingers and three matching is the new consensus. Major combinations are a sparkly matching color with a bright pink or red random. One way to spice up your random nails is to add design to the solid colored random nails. (Think chevron and tribal.)


Part of being such a keen little diva, I notice other things other than fashion trends. Lately I’ve been noticing other people’s specific talents. How awesome is that? Everyone has that one thing that they’re absolutely superb at. For some people its musical talent like singing or playing an instrument. For others it’s being technologically handy with a camera for photography or videography, a knack for computer systems, or even creating programs for computers.

Seeing how everyone has their niche, I’ve been on the quest to find mine. At first I thought that it was maybe something fashion related, but then I looked down at my three dollar Target sneakers and quickly ruled that out. I think if any of my talent was style related, it’d be me styling other people with their clothes. I know what looks good together, but the items I need are not currently in my closet.

I still haven’t quite figured out what my “thing” is. Maybe it’s writing or public speaking or something hidden like listening: whatever it is, I hope that someone will appreciate it someday.

I say all this to encourage you lovely readers to acknowledge others’ special gifts. If you notice it, why don’t you let them know? Everyone loves compliments anyways.

Be fierce and make your “thing” werk.


Fashion Debriefing


This is a crucial message that needs to be heard by every woman across America: you are paying way too much for clothes!

I’m serious. I wouldn’t lie about this to y’all.

If all your clothes are straight from the mall or boutiques, you’re spending so much more than necessary!

Let me let you in on a little secret; it’s called resale shopping.

I know some of you are thinking that resale shopping is just tiny little shops full of sweaters from old ladies or dirty tee shirts. It’s not, I promise! Those jeans I’m wearing in that picture are straight from a resale shop. They cost me eight dollars and are actually Old Navy jeans. I priced jeans recently there and the cheapest I found were at least twenty.

There are subdivisions of resale shops. Places like where I got my jeans are known as consignment shops. Consignors place their clothes in the shops; when they’re sold, the consignor and owners split the profit. Ratios of how they split the profit are widely varied. The snootier the store, the less money you’re going to get as a consignor.

Other types of resale shops are either places like Goodwill where donated clothes are sold or simple resale shops run by individuals. Goodwill is my favorite because that’s where I donate my clothes and buy new ones.

Consignment shops are more for name brand clothes. That’s probably the easiest way to distinguish between them.

Resale shopping will change your life. You’ll still look chic with more money in your pocket to go places looking so fabulous.


Wanting to polish off your new found fashion? Head to the nearest cosmetic store and pick you up a lip stain. (Note: I said stain, not stick or gloss.) Lip stain is the perfect spring/summer beauty tip that will soon become part of your daily routine. Lip stains look like giant felt tip markers that add bursts of bright color to your smoocher. Peach and hot pinks are the best colors to try with.

When applying, dab small amounts onto the middle of your lip. Work from the inside to the outer edges. You can reapply throughout the day and make the color brighter or less intense as your heart desires. If you’re looking for a chicly simple finish, coat with a small amount of gloss. If you’re going for effortless beauty, coat with lip balm and be on your way!

Be fierce and make your less expensive fashion werk!


Team No Days Off


I mentioned in my previous blog that fitness is a lifestyle. Striving to eat better and workout daily are values that I hold dearly. Sometimes I fall off the wagon and overeat. Sometimes working out is the furthest thing from my mind. Most of the time I’m dedicated to fitness. I know that if I want my body to change, I have to change my habits.

I challenge you ladies to join Team No Days Off. Make a commitment this week to yourself, the gym, and fitness. Make your workouts a priority; schedule them into your daily routine. They’ll become second nature in no time! I go to the gym about the same time every day as if I had class in there at that time. Even in the pouring rain, I haul myself to the gym and get the blood pumping!


The more you workout, the more fun swimsuit shopping will be! Summer is right around the corner, only a few weeks away. It’s time to start saving up money and doubling up the workouts to go shopping!

My tips for swimsuit shopping this season are very simple.

First, know your body type. Not everyone is made for a bikini! I personally encourage tankinis, which are a two-piece swimsuits that covers the stomach. One pieces are great for everyone, even the smallest of smalls. Knowing your body type also means knowing what type of swimsuit is needed. String bikinis are great for slender figures to create the illusion of curves. Bandeau tops are great for smaller chests. Halter tops are best for bigger shoulders because they break up harsh lines and help to keep your posture in line too!

Secondly, mix and match swimsuit pieces! There is no rule that says we have to buy swimsuits in matching pairs. A solid colored bottom piece helps to accent an intricate top. (Also, solid bottoms are slimming!)

Just go in with an open mind and have fun!

Be fierce and take no days off!